Mixing ECM drones with dps drones?

I know, I know. It’s a ridiculous question. I was watching an ibeast video and at one point he did:



here's the video in question


Was this because he potentially had ecm drones out on the alt and he was combining their jam strength? Or because this is a viable strategy on its own? Or because it was an accident? Running low on dps drones? Worried about smarbombing the warriors? Why would he make this strange move? Would this actually be enough to cause a jam?

My limited experience with ecm drones netted exactly nothing with a full compliment. Maybe I was doing it wrong but I have not bothered with the things since. Its hard for me to imagine a limited number working out unless their performance has improved since I last tried them and I mean like A LOT.

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You would need to know what other ECM was being used.

ECM being successful (on a single target) works on the probability of all fails over the number of ECM attacks. You are successful as long as the “ECM attacks” from various drones & modules do not all fail.

The low rate of success from one drone or one ECM module is offset, somewhat, when you apply multiple ‘ECM attacks’ on a single target. (They stack with no penalty)

Even at. for example, a terrible 2.5% success rate if you are attacking with say 6 types of ECM your chance of all fails is reduced from 97.5% to:

0.975 x 0.975 x 0.975 x 0.975 x 0.975 x 0.975 = 86%

Every little bit helps, but only worth using in bulk.

20 ECM drones on a single target has a pretty good chance. Remembering that only one cycle of jam in a fight might be enough to swing the outcome.


i think OP asked whether it is interesting to mix dps drones and ecm drones, instead of using a full set of ECM drones

Running low on ecm drones… so he deployed whatever.

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Webber drones are the best to use in PVE if you want that extra slowing power to get better shots on frigs, destroyers and cruisers when you are fighting from a battleship.

Webber drones during PVP can force that fast tackle interceptor to unlock when at 24km.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Didn’t want to deploy the warriors because they’d get smart bombed. No reason not to deploy what he had in the off chance that he gets a jam out of it while still keeping a bit of extra dps on the target. I just thought it was an interesting move. I’ve personally never had much success with ecm drones. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever successfully landed a jam, yet I see it happen in pvp videos with fair regularity.

But webber drones are too slow to catch anything revelant.

ECM drones only work when someone uses them on you. When you use them on someone else they almost never work. :wink:

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