Requesting Mercs for LS Citadel Defense

I’ll be willing to pay a hefty sum, several hundred million for the defense of an Astrahus. The Astrahus is fitted with a standard lowsec fit and is halfway through its first reinforced timer. I’m facing a small corp of around 11 people, but only 2 or 3 are active.

Any help please? Timer exits at 7AM EST.

You want the MC or PL

Several hundreds of millions of isk you say? Tell us more…

Oooooooooh :oldtimeyparrot:

I think what the others are suggesting is that several hundred million may bot be a viable amount. This may reach into the billions range.

You may have also inadvertently added yo your problem. People now know of a timer in low sec with targets. This may.encourage 3rd parties to show up.


Are you interested or do I need to change my price. It’s only a corp of 11 ppl with 2-3 active.

What is the enemy corporation, and what part of lowsec are you in? Wouldn’t want to commit myself to flying hundreds of jumps back and forth…

In Everyshore right now.