Need merc services For HS wardec on 3 corps

Need some decs in HS nothing facy just a dec and if they happen to be dumb enough to travel HS with ships during dec then that be good.

More than a merc service do you need a pointer into the right direction.

And, no, I don’t care to know nor will I ask why you can’t just do it yourself. I’ll simply presume it’s impotence and so I will save you an entire thread on it.

I will do it for 2 bill upfront.

No thanks

Are you sure? You will not find a better deal from me, ever.

Fine, you drive a tough bargain. Ill do it for 1.8 billion isk. Up front.

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Our fees are 1bn, paid up front before the dec is made. Contact me in game.


Hell I’ll do it for 500 mil. Emotional Net Loss is what I’m all about after all

Also in the interest of being thorough go to the link in post 1 if you haven’t already. You will have more luck there

500mil and I will hunt these guys down for you.

For reference you can check my killboard for this new char and my old char Cannibal Kane. New owner only pounded towers with it and did PVE crap so you can ignore those last 30-40 odd kills.

VENDETTA. You would be better off hiring us to hunt these targets.

Pity that people don’t post back with any good stories on success or total failure on their merc hiring attempts.

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