Real Merc's Required

I need real mercs - like R.E.P.O are there any ine eve still in existence

Message me if you can achieve high standards - I offer great rewards for great outcomes

Merc’s in eve used to be actual Alpha men now days girls in skirts are more the calling

If pink is your color fine but if you actually think you are a merc contact me I have huge amounts of isk I have and will pay to do my bidding, I pay great isk for positive outcomes under my terms

example = kill x citadels in .5 system I pay x upfront x first reinforce final payment once destroyed

Ask Noir. for a reference and trustworthiness

I can and will make you wealthy if you accomplish what I request

open to all contact if you believe you can deliver

Rainbows & Unicorns

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I have merged you to Posts with the same concern into one.

I will let the guys know to reach out.

Destroying structures in highsec is my bread and butter.

We recently left our normal structure destroying home of caldari space to destroy some structures in minnie space. Our noses bleed leading caldari space behind for more than 5 jumps.

Give or take 800 Billion isk popped.

So is this an Epeen thing or do you take contracts against the big kids or just another kicking over sand castles last summer thing?

Not interested in the one man corp or abandoned citadel, I’m after someone to jump the fence and take the bone out of a starving pit bulls mouth if you dare…

Mail sent days ago :sleeping:

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They fielded 500 person defence fleet.

Mail send days ago… you block people as well. Game tells me we are not allowed to contact you. So I am not going to forward it to the rest if we cannot actually mail you back.