I am in need of merc services, big money paid

I am looking for merc services to take down stations harass war targets and help clear systems. i am willing to pay bonuses for kills and a large payment for completion of job. i will expect hired people to sit on systems and to keep them clear.

payment will be on completion of services. no if buts or maybes so it might fit a smaller outfit wanting to establish themselves but anyone considered.

contact me in game if you are interested.


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Will you use 3rd party?

i am willing to do that if its of my choosing

I’m sure people will insist on the common reputable one(s) and a hefty ISK number.

well that’s fine as long as they are reputable

i have plenty of isk its just how much

are you asking for a merc group to babysit a local system?
who are you asking to be removed from space?

Mail me in game for a rundown of our services