Small sized mercs for hire :margaritaparrot:


Are you looking for some mercs taking care of your annoying neighbors?
Feel free to contact me in game. We are a small sized gang of mercs doing anything you might need.
We will be able to

  • Direct action ( Regular pvp )
  • Defend operations ( protect your assets in need )
  • Infiltration operations ( yes, you can ask us to infiltrate a corporation to get intel or try to get assets out )

If none of your needs are stated, ask us, we might just like your idea!
Have a good one. :parrotwave2:

Good luck with your new project. I hope to see more kills then 0 on your kb soon.

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if one is smart, one hides in the alts to remain unknown to the world!

Yup, create instant distrust in your service. Good job

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If the client has no clue who he is dealing with, why would he even convo you?

Think about how smart you pretend to be… :wink:


I think it´s a brilliant Idea!
But, only time will tell =)

Let’s see, 0 killboard, no references no history, posting on an alt, already smells like a scam,
You show no proof of trustworthyness.

So your 100% scam

Saw small sized and thought something else :thinking::thinking: Still was not disappointed with this thread!


Help me take over a nice size part of low/null sec? how much a month for your crew?

small sized mercs. If you know what i mean ;D

we do it for free!

Can’t argue with free. Can I hire you to come pop my Incursus in Umokka plz? I’m also happy to pay ‘no isk’

What’s your AO? and timezone? If you’d like to be listed in the Mercenary Services channel please feel free to join and get in touch with one of the moderators!