Mercenary ganking service

After a strong influx of requests I decided to post my price chart for suicide ganking services here.

First of all, you provide the ships for our operation for free. Once I have been given the ships, you do not get them back, even if the contract is not completed. The payment will be sent after we eliminated your chosen target. If that is not fine with you, don’t bother asking me to kill someone for you.

All loot drops belong to us.

The target should be in a system with a security level not higher than 0.7 otherwise the amount of material you need to provide becomes very high rather fast.

Venture: 2 million isk
Covetor: 10 million isk
Retriever: 10 million isk
Procurer: 10 million isk
Industrial: 10 million isk
Expedition Frigates: 10 million isk
Hulk: 50 million isk
Mackinaw: 50 million isk
Skiff: 50 million isk
Noctis: 50 million isk
Porpoise: 50 million isk

T1 Frigates: 3 million isk
T1 Destroyers: 5 million isk
T1 Cruisers: 10 million isk
T1 Battlecruisers: 50 million isk

Faction/T2 Frigates: 10 million isk
Faction/T2 Destroyers: 20 million isk
Faction/T2 Cruisers: 50 million isk
Faction/T2 Battlecruisers: 150 million isk

Harassment of a corporation/alliance/system: 100 million isk per day if we show up
Salt will be forwarded for free.

If you want us to kill something bigger let me look at its fit and I will let you know if we can do it.

Be aware that the ships you will need to provide are in some cases (Procurer, Skiff, Porpoise, Battlecruisers) more expensive than the price of the bounty. (This is because these ships can generally tank a lot of damage and we need more ships or T2 guns to take them out.)

If you have a larger project planned we can negotiate prices.

Please be advised that we only take one continuous contract at a time to ensure quality work. Furthermore, we may reject your contract if it is not worth the time and effort.

If you are interested send me an ingame mail.


Have used their services before, great guys to help beef up my ganking ability


This service is Jim Approved :smiley: !!

Will be using them in the future <3

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This is a scam.

If you need someone ganked, contact an actual ganker.

He will just take your stuff and laughing at you.

You have to get up a little bit earlier, Aiko :wink:

First contract done, thank you very much!

P A R A B E L L U M / Alvarium harassed for another week. Half a bil in drones destroyed. Multiple ice belts remained untouched by them. (See previous contract against them in June on the Finanar killboard.)