Mercs wanted!

I have a job to offer.

To kill a Charon and/or a Orca and/or a few Retriver and/or a few Skiff.
Or you can kill regularly the MTU which was deposed by the Charon.
A few pilots are in NPC Corp and a few in 1 man Corp.
A declaration of war would therefore be pointless.
The fleet is located in an High 0.6 Sec.

I will pay a service fee for a week ( 500M ) and for each kill. ( ZKillboard confirmed )
MTU = 25Mio
Retriver = 50Mio
Skiff = 300Mio
Orca = 750Mio
Charon = 1,2B
The service should run until the budget is exhausted.

It’s possible the Miningfleet can get support from a gang.

If you are interested and/or have other ideas contact me in the game for further information.

Not all inquiries have to be dealt with, individual position can also be dealt with.
If someone had other asking prices, I’d look at them too.

So you basically want a gank executed?

Yeah, one or two or more gank would be good.