Abyssal Ganking Offer #2, 100 Million ISK

Hello Gankers,

I offer 100.000.000,00 ISK to the pilot with the final blow on this ship:

  • Char: 3aMoK
  • Corp / Alliance: Other Universe Group [OU-GR]
  • Ship: Gila
  • System last seen in: Vaankalen (0.6), 13:10 server time, 14.01.2023
  • Safespot: between star and planet VI
  • Trace: yellow (Tier 4-6)

Link to the killmail must be posted here or sent to me via EVE mail. The pilot with the final blow will get the money.

Offer is valid until 30.01.2023. Have fun hunting.

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ok send me the isk, ill kill it later if i feel like it

Does he risk becoming suspect?

I don’t think so. His last Gila losses in the abyss where between 530M and 1,2b, some pretty bad fits. I don’t know what fit he currently uses or what tier he runs, I just saw that the trace is yellow, which means its at least Tier4.

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