Price check (possible sale) Perfect APLHA Gila pilot for Abyssals


I want to check my pilot for possible sale
He is perfect foa ratting Abyssals as Alpha clone
Also trained for Astero for fun
He will never be needed to buy Plexes
If you will pay 10b - i will go out from corp and initiate the transfer

You won’t get over 2b for a char like this. You can either train cyber 5 and aim for 3.5b or just keep that char and save the 20 bucks.

I’m still interested in price checking
Make me good bid and we will talk about sale

Daily bump
Closing 5mln SP training

I could inject this character for about 5b and I’d get a less shitty name so why would anyone pay 10b? Maybe rethink your starting bid

You have less than 5mil SP and 0 extract-able injectors. At most you could get someone to bite at 1.5/2b (You asked for a price check-Sorry if you do not like the outcome).

Up to the top
Training is near complete
Just give me nice offer please
And inject your capsule to gila or astero to have fun in EVE instead me

Any bidders?

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