WTS Gila/Ishtar Pilot 22m SP ISK Printer T6 Abyssals EZ

Character is in good standing with positive sec status and positive wallet.

Easily runs T6 Abyssals and nets approx. 600m+ per hour depending on the spawns. Flys Gila/Ishtar with most PVE fits easily available to you including solid, drone, missile, and shield skills already. Currently has a nearly 3b isk pod for abyssals as you can see on the character sheet and could also be used as a nullsec ratter for easy afk isk.

Please no low ball offers because he’s easily going to pay for himself and whatever your PVE fit is in less than a week if you work at it.


B/O = 16B

Post all offers here, transfer will be done in accordance with CCP policy.

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It’s really simple, I am already running T6’s with a better character and in a stormbringer. I am not about to try and duel box T6’s with a gila pilot and a stormbringer simultaneously both of which have 5b isk fits.

I appreciate your interest, but if you’re not prepared to send an offer you should keep your opinions to yourself, especially on matters you clearly have no clue about. Thanks!


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13 Bil

:rofl: ok. But your asking far too much. thx

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15b b/o

B/o reduced to 16b, first come first served.