[WTS/A] 36.25m SP Near Max Gila Pilot - T5 Abyssal ISK Printer (plus viator + ares)


Caldari Cruiser 5
Gallente Cruiser 5
Light Missile Spec 5
Missile Support Skills at 5
Drone Support Skills at 5 (minus advanced avionics, trained to 4)
Minmatar Drone Spec 5
Gallente Drone Spec 5
Biology 5
Thermodynamics 5
Infomorph Psych 5

Attribute Remaps Available
1 Yearly remap
2 Bonus remap

Primary Clone
Full Mid-Grade Nirvana set w/ 5% Hardwires

Secondary Clone
+4 Clone with misc Hardwires

All CCP Rules apply.

    1. Character is in accessible Highsec (Jita).
    1. I will pay for transfer.
    1. Positive wallet.
    1. No kill rights.
    1. Character is in NPC corp.

Price Start - 30b


20Bil ISK ready

absolutely not.

not interested in 25b



up we go


27 bil

28 bil

If no other bids in 24 hours from now, I will accept 28b from Jessica Nikita

@Jessica_Nikita if you are still interested please send isk and evemail the account name.

@Kendra_Maricadie Of course Iā€™m interested. Please give me 24 hours. I need to raise money.thanks

Okay, bidding remains open while the funds are secured.


Have not heard from @Jessica_Nikita

To the top.

check your in game mail


up we go