Abyssal Ganking Offer, 100 Million ISK

Hello Gankers,

I offer 100.000.000,00 ISK to the pilot with the final blow on this Gila:

  • Char: H CELIK
  • Corp / Alliance: Center for Advanced Studies [CAS]
  • Ship: Gila
  • System last seen in: Jatate (0.6), 12:50 server time, 14.01.2023
  • Safespot: 3M km around Itamo Gate
  • Trace: yellow (Tier 4-6)

Link to the killmail must be posted here or sent to me via EVE mail. The pilot with the final blow will get the money.

Offer is valid until 30.01.2023. Have fun hunting.


ok send me the isk, ill kill it later if i feel like it

[Crime & Punishment]
What did that Pilot do? You need to state such here or this thread falls under =>> [Mercenary Services]

What the pilot did is between me and him and Iceacid Frostpacker does not need to know. I don’t want to hire mercenaries nor am I offering any mercenary services, I just pay 100 Million ISK to the first one commiting the criminal act of blowing his Gila up, as a punishment for my hurt feelings.

When we start letting those sort of requests into C&P, it spits on mercenary services which this thread leans towards even if you claim it is not.

Even a Wanted Poster nailed to a Tree has some details little if any of their Crime.

Who is this “we” you seem to be authorized to speak for? I don’t care at all what you think my offer leans toward and I don’t need any reason to reward anyone for blowing someone up if I just want to. As this guy is flying around in HighSec, a criminal act is required to make him go boom, which is why I am offering the reward specifically to criminals/outlaws/gankers which will rather read here than in the merc-forums.

Assume I just want to give some small CatalystCrew an additional income (they will get the reward on top of the loot of course), if you need some arbitrary explanation. Lets make crime great again! -_-

Moved to Mercenary Services.



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