How to tip off gankers with cargo route?

Hello guys, I have a question for you!
I am privy to insider information that certain high-value (~50b) low-volume cargo is going to be transported by a single named player from one station to another. I know the exact location of both stations, ~15 jumps apart. I know when the cargo will be dispatched.
My question is: where do I hire a ganker to destroy the ship with the cargo?

Didn’t you already post this? Or am I going mad


For a small fee of 50 mill isk i can make sure the information reaches the right people.

I thought this channel was more appropriate

You can try this fellow:

You might have an uphill battle trying to hire a mercenary under your previous terms, though. The request, by its very nature, demonstrates the dubiousness of trusting you and you want the mercenary to work for you in exchange for your word that there is a lot of isk to be made. Mercs generally want to be paid up front unless they know you’re word is good.

Now, all’s fair in love and war and all that, so I don’t particularly care what you do or how good your word is. I’m just trying to describe why you might have difficulty convincing a merc to take the job. Rule of acquisition #59 still stands and people are going to have their doubts.

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Thanks, that’s perfect. I never said that I’m not willing to pay the ganker, so I’m not sure where you get the “previous terms” from. The text hasn’t changed from last time.

Do you know anyone else who offers similar services?

I can’t think of anyone who I am certain is still operating. Australian Excellence used to do something similar at least for a while, but I don’t think he still plays. This is not my area of expertise, however.

Were I you, I would put it front and center that I was willing to pay for the service requested. Not saying you won’t pay for it isn’t very effective advertising.

(For anyone wondering how I come by this information, it pays to know who might be paid to shoot you later.)

Send me the information ingame and I’ll ensure it doesn’t reach its destination

Thanks for your advice, I’ve edited the body accordingly.

Noted, I’ll get back to you.

So what makes you think you are going to get any of that 50 bil? :smiley:


if you edit one of your topics you can move what section it is in rather than making a duplicate.

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Thanks, good to know

Your assuming I expect to get something speaks more about yourself. All I stand to gain is my enemy’s pain.

Does it now? Did I offend your spotless e-bushido? I’d say I was sorry, but:

Good, good. Enjoy inflicting pain…just make sure you don’t profit from it in some way…that way you stay pure…

Don’t forget to link us the killmail if the plan succeeds. :wink:

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