Insider information on precious cargo route

Hello guys, I have a question for you!
I am privy to insider information that certain high-value (~50b) low-volume cargo is going to be transported by a single named player from one station to another. I know the exact location of both stations, ~15 jumps apart. I know when the cargo will be dispatched.
My question is: where do I hire a ganker to destroy the ship with the cargo?


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Rule of acquisition #59: Free advice is seldom cheap.


The person transporting the cargo is my enemy. The thing I stand to gain is his cargo loss.

If the cargo is small enough to fit in something like an interceptor then there’s probably nothing you can do to cause destruction of the cargo if the intended victim is a good enough pilot and fits their ship right.

Thank you for your input

For a small fee of 50 mill i can make sure the info gets to the right ppl .

So…what happened?


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