Red Death

You just ganked that nice big fat juicy Hauler and you know @Githany_Red will be coming for you, you gonna die.

What do you do?

Easy, you get up and dance

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So are you saying that you or your corp lost a juicy hauler?
I don’t see any recent kills to suggest that.
Can we have some clarity on this please, or else no point in taking it to the forums for people to comment on.

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And please indicate the juicyness of the hauler in question.

Scoop the loot on alt and run while AG kill the ganker who would die to CONCORD anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Retrace my steps to work out how I ganked anything in either a Crane or an Arbitrator.

Balance issue detected…

Githany kills Hauler pilots? That’s new.

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Ah, its a hypothetical question, i get it now.

I thought Domain research and mining institute had lost an expensive hauler, I was going to let off a few fireworks in celebration.

You can do some (literal or even non-literal) fireworks any time as there’s never no reason for fireworks even if just for the sake of it. :wink:

Dunno about doing it with a crane, but ganked an Ishtar with a procurer

Does that count?

Says there Vexor

I’ve kill a few looter freighters that the gankers aways deny was theirs lol , anyone that brakes the law is a target.

As Mittani said in his end of year video , “any group that does not police their own community is asking for trouble”

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Interesting way to spell VNI :stuck_out_tongue: maybe you meant you used the procurer as bait? :thinking:

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