Miner Hunting Service

I am a mercenary princess. Are you tired of pirates stealing ore, and clogging the belt with debris? Do you want to save Guristas refugees, but aren’t sure how? No problem, send me isk today, and I will kill a miner for you. There’s no need to waste your valuable time shooting Highsec plebs, or trying to convince them to stop mining. Just outsource your demining operation to a professional, and I will get the job done!

Fee schedule as follows:

Venture: 1 million isk
Augmented Mining Drones (set of 5): 3 million isk
Covetor: 5 million isk
Retriever: 5 million isk
Hulk: 10 million isk
Mackinaw: 30 million isk
Mining Cruiser: 30 million isk
Procurer: 30 million isk
Porpoise: 40 million isk
Skiff: 50 million isk
Mining Battleship: 100 million isk
Orca: 150 million isk
Mining Freighter: 200 million isk

BONUS: Transcript of dead miner arguing about whether they are a miner, crying about uninstalling the game, and/or threatening real-life nuclear war - 100 million isk.

Send me your isk today, and killmail confirmation will be sent shortly.

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150 mil for an Orca kill? That is great value.

How much do you charge for clearing diamond NPC rats (namely their haulers since that stops the miners from mining without respawning fleet) :wink: ?

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I don’t care about PvE nonsense.

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Orca killed for Xeux:


With catalysts? I am honored.

Killed on contract order. Thank you for your business.