Are you starting out as a Merc for hire

Looking down this thread you find some very experienced groups looking for work, with the names comes high prices .

So it must be a very hard trade to get started in , so I’m looking for any up and coming groups of Merc that want to start out in this area.

We often need a small group to do a small job but it could be the start you want , a job well done could mean more work coming your way.

So send me a list of your skill level and combat numbers .
With time zone and an out line of what work you would like to do . In the main I’m thinking high and low security space .

No bull s*** I just want fact, it can be anything from a group of 2 cruiser or a fleet of frigates or a one man outfit , you never know we might have a job for you.

Eve mail me with your info or post here if you want to try some jobs, I often get asked if I know any Merc or people willing to pay isk to have someone hunted down, so let me know what you can do , remember eve is a sandbox and we need to make content.


I support this post

NEXT DAY EDIT: Any up and coming mercs that want advice on how to negotiate, price, or do any contracts like above, or any advice in general, feel free to EVE mail me


Great idea , we need to start them off on the right lines .

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Ok, send me 1 billion isk and I’ll do it.

I can vouch for Aiko. She will get the job done.