Looking for a new home merc corp

hi am recently back in the game, 80k plus skill points lookin for a merc corp to join,english time zone

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convo me ingame


I’m relatively new (alpha) to the game and haven’t done any PVP except getting a ship or two blown up. I’d like to play the game from a combat stand point but dont want to just fly around in low sec looking for a “victim”, like a venture.

I thought about doing mercenary work (before I even knew there were corps that do it) but I’d need a lot of pointers. Currently i just have a couple Thrashers with what i think are ok fits (ok for ratting).

Would your corp or one that you know of be ok for me?

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If you’re still looking, or didnt quite find what you were looking for, Noir. would be interested in chatting with you. Contact myself or Robert Mason

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Thanks for the reply. I have a very busy weekend coming up but I will contact you as soon as I can.