Returning Pilot looking for Merc. Corp to join

I’m a returning pilot. Not using my main at the moment just for surfing through offers.

Basically Id like to join a corp that does mercenary contracts.

Id prefer to be fighting in Null > WH > Low > HS.

Not looking for station camping corps although I know that can be a part of these kinds of operations.

Reply here if you dont mind and I will contact you individually if I find it interesting.

Hi Super, welcome back! I think Noir. is what you’re looking for. We’re the most active mercs in nullsec but we take contracts in all areas of space. Mostly avoid empire decs that involve camping but we do get hired for highsec structure defense from time to time.

We’re fun and active across a wide range of times with a solid EU and US core, plus some late night pacific TZ folks.

Join our Discord and/or in-game channel: Cafe NOIR.
Talk with our guys and join us for a fleet to see if we’re a good fit