Looking for cool dude(ttes) to make mad ISK

Hey all.

Looking to maximize the NET ISK/hr in a corp. Since I just passed 5,000,000 skill points I have a long way to go and ISK is very frustrating and tedious doing exploration.

Besides that, I don’t want to be associated with douchebags or human predators. It’s a game so everyone should have fun right? I don’t want to be connected to those who enjoy inflicting misery upon others for the sake of misery or ‘ruining their day’ . While I’m competitive, I’m not a dickbag or a poor winner nor revel in anyone elses loss nor misery. Like anyone I like to Win and make…mad ISK / HR.

Other then that I’m open to whatever as long as the ISK (NET) is flowing freely. ISK for the win. If you aren’t earning and earning well you are losing. Shoot me a PM I suppose or post in this thread.

Happy gaming.


You dont like farming tears? shame the eve tears are the saltiest of them all. You must be new here give it time.

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Nah. Just a game. Put a ton of time in FPS and space shooters over the years. if someone whined or complained too much i’d likely just block them, lol.

This is the merc forum. Not the l33t ISK grinding forum. You want incursions or nulsec ratting with all the other plebs.


go join nullsec, all they do there, literally, is making isk all day