Is 81mill isk per hour good?

i can make 81mill isk per hour huffing gas and when i am with corp members who also use a porpoise i am getting roughly 100mill isk per hour is that good for null sec or are there better ways of making isk in null sec.


Considering I can make 81 billion ISK in an hour with a credit card, I’d have to say no…


80-100 mil/h is more than enough, especially if you enjoy what you’re doing. You can fund most playstyles with that just fine. Can you make more? Yes. Does that matter? No not really.

There are playstyles that can make (much) more, there will always be people lying/bragging about making more, there will always be autists running 37 accounts telling you it’s nothing. Funnily enough those are the same people raging and crying about how the game sucks and how EVE should be completely different, they’re miserable people who only care about their wallet.

So forget all that and focus on having fun and interacting with others, whether that is teamwork when mining or when pewpewing or anything else. I would very much suggest to have at least 3 different play styles so you dont get bored, it won’t feel like a grind and if CCP butchers one of your play styles you have something else to fall back on.

Focus on fun/h, not isk/h.


lol must be nice

Just have fun and do whatever. If all you’re worried about is how much ISK you’re making, you’re going to burn out pretty quick…


Average casual can net around 7bil per week so dont sweat it.

Sounds pretty good to me :+1:.

Yes, you can grind 2 hour to get an avarage pvp ship that is blown up in 1 minute after you spending some hours looking for targets, but dont worry, from 1/10 fights maybe you can have one interesting fight where you are not doomed, so basicly you can grind moneymaking for 20 hour to enjoy pvp for 10 minutes, and loose all money you grinded.

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I don’t know about ISK per hour, but here’s my monthly finances:

Are they any good?

Adrian Vexier - stay safe and fly dangerous!

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no one can really tell you what YOUR isk/hr is supposed to be…

If you are enjoying the game and having fun…
IF you want to make EvE a job…then worry about your ISK/hr and you will no longer enjoy this game.
Have a vision and personal goal for yourself, thats my advice

Not sure if this is a humblebrag or not. At any rate, good or bad ISK is relative. If your average outgoing expenditures are 30 mil per hour then your earnings are good. If you’re blowing through 200 mil per hour somehow then you’re headed to bankruptcy.

If you only care how you’re doing relative to other people or ISK methods then check things like:

which will give you a much wider (though less current) overview than asking here.

It’s kind of an aimless question since nobody but you knows your skills, risk tolerance, or knowledge of the game.

At any rate, congrats on your earnings and hope you’re doing something fun with the ISK.

Whats your fun per hour?


I think it’s a logical fallacy to try to bridge those two groups like they’re exclusive from the same set. Many people complain about the game and want to see it “completely different” who aren’t autists and/or running 37 accounts to fuel their wallet-egos.

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There is a difference between not being happy with things and sometimes stating as such, and being an allout rager who does nothing other than spewing negativity, doom and gloom, stamping their feet and trying to use emotional blackmail. Like any random SJW video we’ve all seen way to many of.

The Zalyds of this forum, the Rocket Hellfires.

Not being happy with things and being able to convey that in a normal is completely fine and understandable, those are not the people it was aimed at.


Indeed…but I end up with more ISK than I know what to do with.

Yea its good but if you enjoy it and want to get more isk out of it think of this:

Minimizing transport time of goods

same account Jita trade alt: (assuming you sell to jita)
For me I found training up a jita trade alt getting it to 9 caldari standings and max skills upped everything by about 10% whiich is pretty awesome for a char you dont need upkeep on, tax has been rough after the patch so it helps a lot.

ya well looks like i’ll stick with this as my main money source since it is a lot of fun since i can just sit back with some corp mates and have a couple bears might get an alpha alt on my laptop in a huffing gnosis aswell to make it a bit more profitable. thanks for the advice.

at first thought that was 0.14bill and was like thats a weired thing to post. but ya i would say 135bill a month isnt to bad.

Solid, there are worse and there are better.

If you like it, keep doing it.

Better delete this and upgrade to omega since using a omega and alpha together is against tos :stuck_out_tongue:

Also for gas its worth going omega as the t2 miners harvest a crap ton more than even t4 I think it’s twice as much.

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