Looking for merc corp for high sec services

Hi. I been trying a few corps here with no success. Is there any? I want to discuss a long therm contract.

Have you tried Black Flag?

They don’t respond to my mails

Are you low balling them?

Maybe is because I was in another corp but now I have founded my own

BLACKFLAG are not trust worthy.Their own members scam each other
Luukje > he didnt tell me when i shot you
Luukje > he also scam me
Luukje > i didnt get money only loot
anabol Ejector > then where is my 4bill ?
Luukje > magi has it(Magistral ) DO NOT HIRE THEM

Then it seems not to be any hi sec merc corps, as these are all the replies to this topic.

Reach out to The SRS.

I had a talk with them. They are not interested in Hi Sec yet.

You clearly did not talk to anyone in SRS if you think we are not interested in Hi Sec. In fact, we are widely reviled for focusing almost exclusively on Hi Sec. Or at least that is what our daily hatemail tells us.

So try again.

ok, maybe I was confused about corps. SRS you say? I will give it a try.

You would be better off giving up on the idea to hire mercs, CCP has killed any game play for mercs. Todays “Mercs” are Pathetic unreliable and only want easy targets.

Blackflag - hub humpers. great at sitting on the Hub undock
SRS - Protection racketeers, The corp you want to kill is probably already be paying them for “protection”
Blood Eagles - Good in hi numbers against easy targets only after easy ISK
Goons - The best at scamming noobs don’t trust at all.
R.I.O.T - Used to be somewhat good today there a joke
No Forks Given - Low sec griefers looking for barges or better still 2 day venture pilots.
Noir - Used to be very good and reliable but now days they struggle to get a force bigger then 7 on the field great against small corps but useless against anything of substance “shame really”
Who Dares Wins - Clone of No Forks Given

If I have missed anyone thats because there even worse or so small there not worth mentioning, There are no Mercs worth the ISK these days.

Mercs of old
The Atomic Penguins
Merc Coalition
Noir pre 2016
Plus so many others but you get what I mean
Marmite Pre 2017

Feel free to add to list but just letting bitter noobs know its much easier to get over your hate then to ensue and get nothing but poorer, Mercs today are pointless scammers.


Well, it seems CCP make an excellent job of killing the game for everyone. Thank you for your insight.

No. Not CCP.

The whining entitled safe-space carebears did that.

And daddy CCP came running to appease them.

If you just want mercs that camp undocks look at Blackflag or SRS other than that if you want decent mercs build a time machine and go back 6 or 7 yrs when mercs would actually hunt for people not just camp hubs or like now just pop 1 or 2 man corp structures for the cores.
Sad state of affairs he game is now.
CCP should make cores go away and make it that any corp with or without structures ( upwell or pos ) deccable.

Hi, we are ready to discuss the terms of the contract. I am waiting for information by ingame mail