LF Merc Services for HS Wardec

Hi all, I am looking for a reputable merc corp to dec a small alliance. They live in Amarr space, HQ is about 6 jumps from Amarr.

No kills needed though obviously preferred. Will be worth your time if you put in any amount of effort and don’t just camp the Amarr undock all day. Can provide current intel to assist you with getting kills.

Willing to pay wardec fee to start and an additional sum of isk at the end of each week depending on your performance. Not interested in lump sum contacts as I don’t feel like giving a billion+ isk per week away to some lazy af corp who’s just going to sit in Amarr and not do any actual hunting.

I know a lot of you are willing to dec corps that look promising based solely on who you see undocking in trade hubs without any guarantee that you’ll recoup the cost of the war, so don’t tell me that having the war bill covered isn’t worthwhile for you :wink:

Lots of whale mail to be had with an alliance full of new players who love flying shinies in situations they shouldn’t be. Lowest bidder takes contract, please PM me for details if interested.

We are the only HS War group worth of hiring. The rest are scrubs and know their place.