Looking for Merc / War dec corp


One area of pvp I’ve never tried is suicide ganking or merc/war dec corps but it’s something I’d like to give a go. Trained mostly for destroyer fits, so if you’re an active merc group / gank corp with active wars etc, reply here with a link to your recruitment thread or drop me a mail IG.

Still looking. Have had some offers but would prefer a well-established corp.

From what I see you can gank retrievers/covetors with solo or multiboxing 2 acounts with T1 destroyers.
If you are looking for Merc corp / wardecking corp. You will be requested to have at least 2 accounts one of them being T2 logi. And for main blinged out ship (T2 cruiser and up).
Also your killboard is kind of bad. So there is very small chance that well established corps/alliances will take you in.

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Appreciate the info, like I said this is something I haven’t looked into before so I don’t really have a history of it attached to my toon, but every ganker needs to start somewhere I guess. I’m fine with miners though, or being part of a bigger hauler gank fleet etc. Can still do plenty with a t1/2 dessy fit.

Really appreciate your time though!

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