Returning Vet - Looking for options - PVP - WH/Nullsec


I have been around since the dawn of time. When I was active for the first ~10 years of eve I was heavily involved in skirmish, high speed gang style PVP.

I used to lead wolf packs with Company of Wolves / The Wolves and even flown with The Black Rabbits and Veto. Verone even gave me the honour to lead Veto fleets.

I have been away from the game for a long time, so I will need an adjustment period and potentially a corp to show me the ropes.

I am a UK player, active hours are generally 6-10ish on week nights, around 3-4 nights a week and some weekends. I am fully self sufficient, I have a T2 production alt which can pay for my bling. If you fly missile / shield etc, a big bonus.

My K:D ratio has always been high. The most recent losses are me dicking around with missions while I learn the basics again.

I am not afraid to go solo either, I can generally hold my own!

If you are a corp or alliance that can invest a bit of time to help me catch up with PVP, you will have a very decent addition to your group.

My T2 alt is Seven Sins. Not available for recruitment, runs own production corp with an army of alts etc :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the usual, headset & mic. Can use any voice program. Would prefer any interviews to be over voice too.

Fly dangerous!

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My fresh start up Deepwood. is looking for PvP pilots! We do small gang and skirmish type fighting with our alliance mates in Deus Vult.

We live in Insmother in southern NS, and we’re with Tri against Drone Region Federation and Phoenix Federation. So fights are to be had all day round.

We have a corp discord and an alliance teamspeak. Send me a mail in game and we’ll talk :slight_smile:

DI-Tron bro :wink: message me or join " Di-Tron" channel in game. we offer chill and banter.

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