Price Check for Mercenaries

How much would it cost to hire a massive group to attack and destroy TTT in Perimeter,
then replace the structure with another similar structure,
Then defend said new structure in Perimeter.

Taking quotes now.
Thank you.

“I dont want their TTT to be there, i want to replace it with my TTT”. What a lol.


450b, all upfront of course.

Serious note, no one is gonna form enough to take that down considering the people who control it can giga outform them.

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More than 3 major nullsec blocks can pay mercs and show up personally to defend it… So trillions, if you even could find enough mercs willing and able to take it on.

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Not sure if serious.

Probably not a serious post.

I’ll do it for ISK 150b, payable in advance.

I think the asset safety fees alone for that TTT would tear a hole in the Eve universe so that we all would not be able to play forever!

Another assumption is that in case of a real danger, a DDOS attack of unprecedented scale would prevent it. (I would guess that there are a few million USD easily invested in all stuff)

It might be possible with the help of Triglavians.

Or drifters. Don’t forget that the drifter superweapon bypasses the damage cap.