Need mercenary defense service

Trying to defend my Athanor from some unknown attacker in low sec and need some help by Sunday 9/14. Hit me in game through mail if interested in taking the job. Full payment upon success of mission, payment amount negotiable.

So im just gonna say this is CLOSED, ive resigned myself to the loss, its 3.5b im not sweating it. Thx for any and al lreplys.

yea good luck, few problems detailed below

  1. its in LS where the attackers can escalate into capitals
  2. payment upon success no decent group is going to take that offer as they are risking everything for your assets.
  3. expect to pay no less than 5b starting
  4. are you lending any anticapital support or support in general again the hostile forces can have caps at the ready even a few faxes would make them unstoppable
  5. who are the attackers? no info is a huge red flag that this smells of a setup.

good luck