Defense needed

I need help protecting my venture well doing gas sites the person will be payed 5 mill per run. please contact me on when a good time would be

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I’m going to save you the trouble. No one is going to do that…

5 mil eh?

When do you play :smiley:

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maybe at 10:00 am eastern time zone

Be sure to come back here and tell us what happens to your venture when @Gix_Firebrand arrives. I suspect there is a valuable lesson in coming.

yeah never mind

LOL my offer to help is genuine but I probably can’t until the weekend due to time zone issues.

Up to you :smiley:

okay then i mite be able to do it then as well

you will get paid after the first sell then after ever sell you will get 5 mill

OP wrote he needs protection from others, the contract terms do not mention being blapped by the protector at the end of the session. :wink:

Got it!

Were you thinking low or WH?

I’d have probably offered to ‘help’ myself but op seems way too green. I would feel bad giving him that particular lesson.

low sec

It is never too early to learn the lesson of stranger danger, actually the sooner the better. :wink:


that is fare

you can fit a venture to be good at evading, then align to a station or safe bookmark space and ping scanner, if someone shows up cloaked, then warp out…wormholes are really cool, and some people mentioned to me to use filaments to get out into null.

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how did it go?

never showed up

You never contacted me LOL.

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They say you never contacted them. Idk sounds like a dispute has arisen.
Grabs popcorn