Investment or Help with ISK

I am very low on ISK till the end of this month when I can sub my account and buy a couple small plex packs. I am not enjoying playing the low level missions and that is all that I currently have the ISK for. I had made a bad choice by going into a wormhole with a fleet that was too small in my Gila. I was singled out and have learned my lesson, but am unable to return to my L4s without at LEAST bc or my Gila. I can repay with interest at the end of the month. Either that or oyu can take a look at my skill extractor trade offer. Lemme know

move to nullsec, anom rat, cure your autism at the same time.

null sec feels way too confined for me. ya cant go anywhere without getting blown up. on a side note, though; your mother told me that tasting her smelly tuna place would fix the same thing. weird, huh?

I’m not kidding dude, nullsec isn’t confined, it all depends on who you are with, if you’re in a small renter/nobody alliance that just gets farmed and ■■■■ on, yes, you will have a bad time more often than not. However there are a number of smaller alliances that are not as ballbusting as major alliances that are all about a fair go in NS. Iron Armada an alliance I was recently a member of being one. In nullsec you have anom ratting, market trading, hauling, contracting, mining, building, scouting, scanning and more, the roles and freedom to make ISK any way you please are limitless. Best advice I would give you, is join Iron Armada, and leave HS asap, HS is legit AIDs.

i was in pandemic horde for all of about 2-3 hours. couldnt stand it. when i was in e-uni, their null sec campus was pretty cool. either way, I dont have enough money to buy a ship capable of taking out null sec rats. my whole net worth is below 200,000,000 and thats spread among 100 or so random systems. i do appreciate the advice, though. dont get me wrong. ill will be throwing that alliance into my notes

I’d be happy to loan you some ISK if you can provide collateral.

i dont have anything except for PI. I cant contract that, can I?