Need a corp to make me stronger/richer

I keep getting killed in null, I have 500-1 Bill on me at anytime usually. Mission running gives me laughable amounts of isk, where buying low and selling high in Jita nets me Hundreds of millions. I cant defend myself though whenever I travel to Null, people just gate camp me, or hunt me down. I’m tired of losing ships, but thats the only way I know how to make isk. Making money in game is fun for me.

If i’m not allowed to travel into null to make isk, the game is just a High sec mission/mining grind and that seems pointless, and I don’t understand how everyone who tells me to do that really believes in it. I want to be able to defend myself and make millions of isk, I have the trading mindset, but I’m very limited on what I can do. If there’s a corp for making stronger/richer players, sign me up.

Heya we can help you with learning to pvp and also incursions in high sec are a great alternative to buying/selling can can pull in around 150-170/hour so you have to put very little time in to fund the pvp side of the game.

Mail me for some great investment opportunities to grow your isk and get the right knowledge and materials to operate in null sec!

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