Nul sec info skil wise

so been thinking of finding null corp in the future where i can make some bit profit. Notice most of the Recruitment for null sec corps have sp reg limit .

is this normal for corps like ? I

I know have lot of skill to train up . but homing one day to call null my home

There are often skill requirements because your alliance has to fight to defend their space and the skills detailed are often to fly the doctrine ships. If you get into a good corp they will help you develop a training plan to be able to move into doctrine ships while enabling you make ISK, so even if you do not have the SP at this moment they may well accept you. Ask them and good luck.

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What Dracvlad said. Just to survive and make an income in 0.0 doesn’t actually take much SP though.

Lol just buy injectors

If that’s your preference, most large alliances have training corps designed for low SP, newer players. You should have some options there that will take you.

Many of the smaller groups (that aren’t built around doing L33T PVP) will always want more recruits and may be happy to have you and train you up regardless of your SP if you’re willing to learn and participate in whichever ways you can.

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Please, do not listen to this advice. You probably can’t afford them without ponying up real cash, and there’s a good chance that you’ll wish you had spent the SP differently as your knowledge of the game improves. Hell, your goals and interests might even change as you discover new ships, roles, and activities.

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Some corporations may have SP requirements, but not all of them have it. There are a few very large (and I guess som smaller as well) newbie-friendly null corporations that do not have any SP requirements at all.

So if you’re looking to join a null corporation you should be able to find one without SP requirements.

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