Returning player wanting to go null-sec

Hey guys,

Been playing off and on for a while. The whole time has been in high sec and low sec. Currently, for simplicity, I’m just doing FW from Nourv to Tama; but this is getting boring.

I read quite often about the large wars which take place in eve. FW or not, I’d like to get into some fleet action. The only real thing that seems to be stopping me at the moment is that I don’t really know where to start. Is it best to just sell everything off that I have in high sec and move to null sec in hopes to find a corp? Apply for one like I need a job and then move? Are there trade hubs in null sec in which to buy all the things that I wouldn’t be taking with me?

Any guidance from the community would be greatly appreciated.


No. The second you do that you will be murdered with all your belongings in the first nullsec system you dive into.

Also no. You go to the recruitment section of the forums and take a look. Most corporation which are worth joining will advertise that they are in a nullsec alliance.

Before you join such a corporation you need to make sure that the alliance this corporations belongs to is close enough to what you want to do and or gives you room to grow as a person or in general.

Most alliances will require you to do things you really don’t wanna do and also require you to know everything about that task.

Some but not all alliances will teach you things and or give classes for things you can do or are interested in.

When you decide on an alliance to join, make sure you also consider how you will be making isk, since no matter how many sooper doopers they may or may not have, you will lose ships often and since flying space ships is usually the coolest thing ever, you will need to replace your ship at some point.

The way you like to earn your isk should determine if you join a more industry or less industry like corporation but most corporation are very lax on that kind of thing.
However if your soon to be corpmates are more centered in doing mining ops for making isk and you would rather shoot down red thingies for example, your nullsec experience may not be a enjoyable as it could be.

If your soon to be corpmates are more into piracy and drop every freighter in high or lowsec they can find and you would rather earn your isk in a more honest way, your experiences may not be as enjoyable.

Nobody can tell you ‘what to like’. Only you can decide what you like.

Once you figure that out, head to the recruitment section of the forums and ask for a corporation.
Look at the existing threads and tell people what you are looking for.

If you just wanna day-trip into nullsec without making any commitments, you should keep an eye out for ‘spectre fleets’, which you can find in the fleet finder.

Those usually start in highsec but will venture into nullsec and are open for everyone, no matter which corporation or alliance they are in.

I suggest you try a spectre fleet as a test-run into ‘fleet-action’, so you can get an idea what to expect, without having to make EVE your job you pay for.

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Unless he goes to Providence, and in that case, unless he’s really unlucky.

I’d definitely recommend Provi if he’s looking to dip his toes into Null. They welcome neutrals, so long as they’re not aggressive. And if he wants PvP, it’s always available there too.

That may be but you will always find someone trigger happy in the most inconvenient times - that one time you are in the wrong ship to get caught in.

In my experience, whenever I was the trigger happy one, flying through and in hostile territory, I would find no one to shoot at but every time I did not want to be shot at, I was.
It can be different for him but I wanted to prepare him for the worst possible outcome, so in case he was lucky, he would not have made the mistake on bringing all his belongings and losing it all on his first try.

It is better to prepare for the worst, so if things do go south, he can do another attempt later.

Yeah, but nice thing about ProviBloc in that regard is that if anyone of the locals kills a neutral for no good reason they have to reimburse them for the full cost. That includes neutrals who accidentally wander into fleet actions and the like. Doesn’t protect him from the other neutrals, who’ll get Kill On Sight status if they attack him, or the occasional red gangs. Hell, a lot of people down there will even reimburse on those out of the kindness of their hearts (if it’s not too expensive). Though, it can be quite dangerous until you learn who is and who isn’t affiliated with ProviBloc.

Of course, the various Providence corps are almost always recruiting as well, and tend to be low on the member responsibility side of things too, outside of simply obeying the rules.

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That is really cool!

Just have to make sure you’re not KOS when you go in there. For instance, as a member of BRAVE, you would be KOS. And if you left your current corp, you’d be RBL (Red By Last) which is also KOS, until you joined a new non-npc non-KOS corp/alliance or made your own corp.

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That is fine as my advice was for the thread starter. I am very happy with BRAVE and have no intention of leaving.

In my experience, getting out of KOS lists isn’t super difficult. Most alliances have really nice diplos and diplo channels where you can talk to them.

I even would suggest BRAVE for the thread starter but he said he wanted to get into fleet action in null, so getting familiar with what to expect would be very easy with spectre fleet, since everyone can join but you are not required to make a commitment yet.
In case he likes it, he can still find an alliance that suits him.

BRAVE is very newbie friendly and if you wish you can start flying in any fleet right away.
As a newbie, you even get free skillbooks and ships to yolo for your hearts desire all day long, have them explode and get another.

It is the only alliance that I know of that doesn’t require you to spend x hours per week with things you have don’t like doing and nobody forces you to do anything.

There are some rules but for the most part they are for everyone’s safety and make the entire experience even more enjoyable, like being on comms and have a bunch of people to talk to in any timezone.

Karma fleet does the same, just for the Imperium:

You guys are awesome for getting back with all of these tips.

I at least know where to start now, unlike before.

Thanks a whole lot!!!

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