Joining a corp, what to do there?

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of joining a corp this is a mmo after all.

I’m sitting at around 18 million skill points so beginner level. I would like to aim for logistics to support a corp.
My question is what will be the content I can play in corp territory?
I like hacking in worm holes. Are sites (in null sec) free for all within in the corp? Or are sites assigned to crop members to run?
If you fly with a fleet in a corp what are the tasks at hand?
So why fly around in the first place? Mining? Protecting miners? Gain more territory?
How to sell stuff you get from hacking and other “stuff” if you don’t have access to high sec anymore? Do you sell to your corp and they do whatever is needed (like ship it to jita).
PVE (aka missions) isn’t much of a thing in null sec corp territory?

So, to boil it down: What is single player and multiplayer content in a corp?

Thanks guys

This will all depend on the corp you join, each will have their own rules and expectations.

If by “corp territory” you mean sov null, it’ll mean you have access to combat sites, mining and whatever in their space. You’ll be on their intel channels, so will know when hostiles are nearby, etc…

Generally it would be considered polite to leave a system if another corpmate is already scanning in there and was there before you.

If you like hacking in wormholes, joining a wormhole corp might also be something for you.

Most corps will be happy to have a logi pilot, you’ll be a welcome addition to pvp fleets.

Mostly cause people think it’s fun. But there will be defensive and offensive fleets as well, where you need to defend your territory, or harass your enemies.

Most corps will have some form of loot buyback program and market. Or they’ll have a shipping service you can use to send your stuff to/from jita.

Missions are a thing in some parts of null, most null sec income is from running anoms though.

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Thank you for your response @ Trevor Dalech

If you like hacking in wormholes, joining a wormhole corp might also be something for you.

Just to make clear: Null Sec exploration is a thing right? I would like to do it that null sec too.

What I get from your response: I have to make contact to corps and figure out how good it I and my play style would fit.

Thank you

There are wormhole systems with static Nullsec. Best of both worlds…

Joining a crop, what to do there?

Plant potatoes maybe. :wink:


Oh hey Neo,
this is the eve online forum - space game.
I’m not into planetary interaction so no potatoes for me.
Thx anyways.


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You put “crop” in the topic title

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Haha, thx man.
Fixed it. I wasn’t aware of that typo.

fly safe

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