SO returning to the game after a long break joined a good corp in null but dont have the best isk wallet and want to make money but am scared to leave the station most the time when people arnt online so i feel like i can only really play when we have a fleet roaming and i cant join them becasue im mission running. Is that how null sec is or is it that im to scared or is it better to go to a high sec area/low to gain money and experience before heading back to nul? As well am i limited on what i can do for isk in null?

Yeah, going to highsec won’t help you with this. You’re gonna have to change the way your mindset works. Losing a ship or two is scary, but it’s not the end of the world.

So, a couple of things. A lot of this is definitely a mindset thing, and this is probably the hardest. You need to look at your ships as essentially ammo- expendable, disposable, and things that will get used and lost. Three things you can do to help out with this.

First, get used to and comfortable with relatively cheap fits. Get good with something that doesn’t cost a fortune, insure it, and hopefully get skilled with things that the corp can help you build or replace.

Second, always have multiple replacements fitted and ready to go. Losing a ship doesn’t feel nearly as bad when you have 5 (or more) more just like it waiting for you back in the hangar.

Third, look at it this way- if you can go out and rat or do something that makes more (after insurance payout, loot, etc.) than the ship, even when it gets blown up (and it will) you are still coming out ahead. Even if you get popped in 10 minutes, if you got one decent drop that made it back to the station or reasonable bounties, then you’re ahead.

So, my advice is to work on building up your personal fleet by running with your corp and taking some chances. Then work on pushing your boundaries as you get more comfortable taking risks and losing ships (the first loss always hurts the worst, then it get easier), and see where that takes you.

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when you say cheep fits what isk value are we talking would be relatively cheep. and is there a wallet vale hat has a hard time surviving in nul? most my fits are around 90mil and my misison runner is 230ish mil

It really depends on what your skills are and what you are doing, so it’s hard for me to comment directly on that. 90 million is “relatively” cheap to a lot of people, but might not be to you.

What I would suggest is look at some of the things that you might want to do solo out there, like a specific kind of anomaly or ratting. Run one, see what you make off of it. Then make an estimation you are comfortable with for how many you think you can average before something kills you. And remember to factor in insurance. Also, spend some time learning PYFA to see how you can optimize your fits for cost and performance.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are asking here.

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And remember, yes, you will die and lose ships. But you will also learn a lot, get more experience, and get better skills over time.

ok thanks for the advice ill have to look into it

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Did your corp teach you how to use dscan?
If you run missions in null, you still should be able to do it relatively safe because you are “behind” an acceleration gate. Everything that could come from it you can see on dscan if it’s not a force recon ship. And those are slow enough that you should be able to run from them. Just make like 100km distance (one jump with an MJD) from the beacon where you land in the mission and you should have enough time to warp to a safe spot. Don’t warp to citadels/stations directly to avoid bubble-traps.
The most dangerous thing for you is probably to take gates in a slow ship. You could reduce that risk to use a travel fit and learn the MWD-Cloak trick.
But if you run into a competent group on a gate, you hardly will make it out alive with a mission fitted BS. That’s just how it is when you fly around solo. But as Leah said: If you can break even often enough, you still can make some ISK in total.
T1 Battlecruisers probably have the best ISK per (L3) Mission potential you can get after Insurance.

Also a T1 Battlecruiser might not spark the hunting instincts of a roaming gang as much as a T1 Battleship would. So you might get left alone because you “are not worth the effort” to get scanned down.
Apropos scanned down: Have at least Combat Scanner Probes visable in your dscan. If the probes are within 4 AU you can expect that you got scanned down and someone is warping to you or your mission-site soon™.

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