"daily life" in nullsec

What is daily life like out in nullsec? Ive played the game off/on for a few years, mostly high sec with some low sec pvp but never made it all the way to 0.0. Started fresh again to get my bearings (since its been about 2 years since I last played)

Basically im worried that if I join a nullsec corp that I will be limited to just a few systems and if I leave that without backup ill be toast. I dont want to spend my eve career docked in between fleet ops if that makes sense.

My “fleet ops” have only ever consisted of low sec roams. When not doing that it was just missions/exploring in high/low sec with relative safety, except for a couple gate camps etc. The corp was based just a few jumps into low sec so movement was relatively easy, and the majority of pilots in the immediate area were corp/alliance.

Also once you get out there do you stay there, or make trips back into high sec on regular basis?

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Well, you’ll be able to use the space that your alliance owns and protdcts. But yeah, you mainly make your ISK by ratting in anomalies or mining on moons/anomalies.

Otherwise it’s not that different with the exception that Concord won’t come to save you if you get attacked. Either you die, succesfully fight back, or Alliancemates come to rescue you if you tell them.

It’s basically the same, only you make like 10x more isk for the activities you do.

Undock, krab a bit, make some money, take a ship and go roam for kills, come back, etc.

If you join a corporation that’s worth their salt, you’ll never have to go back to highsec because you won’t need to. They’ll usually have a central market system that sells everything you’d ever need (at a slight premium because it costs isk to import the goods out to nullsec, or is built locally with local materials).

You’ll also get access to the corporation/alliance’s intel network, which is basically a chat channel that people use to report hostiles and neutrals that entire your system. It can be something as simple as “hey, I’m in ABC system and I just saw pilot Jane Doe flying around in a Garmur” and now everyone in the alliance is aware that Jane Doe is in a Garmur in ABC system.

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