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I appreciate that this issue is me not being able to see outside the box but I turn to the ever helpdesk eve community for advise

I’ve been in game about 8 years. Ive done high sec, null sec and WH space and it’s all a bit s**t really. High sec has ;little to do of value (that Ive found), Null sec is great for ratting and ISK making but if your want to venture outside of that it is dull and boring. WH space well, all that scanning, my god all that scanning.

So what next? I have 1 main toon that has the majority of the skills, I dont want to mine, I want a way of making good isk but at the same time to do something interesting in game and yet I am failing to see what that could be.

Those out there enjoying the game, what are you doing? what is your path whereby you have found that balance of maling the isk but enjoying the game without being a dick and by that i mean I dont want to gank new players or wardec defenceless people in high sec.

Enlighten me


Don’t focus on isk might be a starting point.


What do you like or dislike?

For basic pve I find burner missions to be very good isk in highsec, would have to super rat or rorqual multibox in null to beat it. I have pretty much every mission to 5-10 mins so it’s something easy to do if you might have to leave, that and I have cap stable fits for just about every mission, so you can start most fights and go afk if you have to.

have you tried the new abyssal deadspace? A lot of people seem to be liking that and it’s something you can do anywhere.

Then there’s trading just flipping stuff in jita is good money, speculative buys are probably the next step up, could do some region trading, Right now I’m mostly in jita and amarr. Or if you have access to null markets get a jump freighter and import/export, I’ve heard selling doctrine ships is a great way to make isk quick.

Industry is another great isk maker, can make a bunch of basic build alts cheap to get extra build slots. Really helps to have a trader to buy mats low, build, sell goods high. Then if you are in a low/null group you can probably run reactions too.

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It’s a sandbox, meaning there is about a gazzillion things to do but most of it requires a certain amount of inventiveness and determination to carve out that special niche that works for you. Ninety percent of the stuff they talk about on these forums go right over my head, especially all the new stuff created just to keep the Alphas happy and engaged. I skulk about ( I love skulking) doing my little thing, doing my best to get in, do the thing then get out alive. Sometimes it’s fun, most times not, tried to quit several times but failed miserably. I keep cheap ships and long training queues, don’t worry about the money unless I don’t have enough of it. Every once in a while I’ll biomass the lot and start over, that way nobody knows just exactly how long I’ve been here as that’s intel and I never give away free intel.

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I don’t know what your standings are but for something different maybe consider doing Cosmos Agents? Their missions can only be completed once in the characters life. Also there’s the Epic Arcs which can be redone every 90 days.

You sound like a solo player. Did you try the new Abyss thing? Maybe that can entertain you for a while.

Also, have you tried the criminal side of EVE? There are endless possibilities there.

Thanks for taking the time to write replies everyone. To address a few of the things… yes I tend to do stuff on my own becuase of the times I am online but also the corp I am in, well they dont seem to do many things together, I do like solo stuff but id like to do other things with a small group.

I am quite intersted in the PVP aspect and would like to try something out in high sec that isnt criminally minded, ie, no ganking, or just being in a merc group killing wartargets in Jita.

I have not tried the Abyss thing yet but I will do, I am unsure how to fit a ship for it atm, but looking to start with the lower end sites first.

Ive done a fair few cosmos missions on my main, I may go finish up the ones that I have not done, but I think that i would like to do it with a small group of people.

I tried burner missions, didnt like them

I am happy to ignore the isk side, but I want a way of being able to make decent isk when I need to.

I know there is loads of potential out there, I am looking for the inspiration and a different angle hence the post, I do think that the main thing is though finding a small group to do whatever it is

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Maybe train up logistics cruisers. Everybody loves logibros.

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Anyone willing to main logi gets credit for victory as far as I’m concerned.
Anyone willing to main logi regularly gets my respect.

Being Dory:“keep scanning and keep scanning and keep scanning…”

Eve can be played tactically or strategically (or both). I play as a (mostly) solo industrialist. The strategic elements include setting goals, studying the market and planning the work. Followed by the tactical element of working the plan.

I like the economic simulation in part because of its complexity and in part because real life obligations have a tendency to interfere with my play. The markets in Eve are very competitive but the competition is asynchronous - unlike the combat simulation, I don’t need to be logged in the same time as the people I am competing with!

Most of the posts in this thread deal with the tactical game and, once you’ve mastered the mechanics, that can be boring. The strategic game offers a lot more scope to keep you engaged.

@Do_Little I have a passing interest in the industry side but I’ve never really been able to get my head around the markets and how they operate or effective ways to manufacture and move goods around in order to make ISK.

I’ll admit I’ve not really mastered any mechanics but I am beginning to find that I am bored, I log in, I do some ratting, some exploration a few combat sites, I try to get some guys out on a roam and they are not interested so I ship spin for a bit and then log, rinse, repeat.

i think the industry side is intersting and I like that it is a creative process, but how to actually profit from that and be effective at it, I just cannot seem to grasp (I think that you need to have some kind of real world interest, or at least a talent in how real word markets work to be good at it), so I leave it alone or dip a little toe in every now and then.

Did you try daytripping into lowsec? Hunting or evading the hunters, even switching seamlessly, never gets boring, and you can pause whenever you want.

@Tipa_Riot - yes that is something I’ve done, I mostly seem to get blobbed, that is eve I guess and I am not skilled enough of a pvper to seperate gangs and kill people off when solo, but occasionally I find a good fight there. I am OK with scanning and navigating through WH so I can get to those places via the (i guess) non traditional methods.

I think I will leave the null sec corp I am in though, my main is there, we have a wardec so he cannot freely move through high sec space, this seems to be a recurrung theme for me, find somewhere, stay 3 or 4 months then leave cos I am bored. so I think something different has to be looked at now, trying to put that into words though is hard so trying to find a corp that is a fit both ways is hard… or I could of course stay solo.

Not everyone enjoys industry - and that’s a good thing. Without people who enjoy blowing things up, who would buy the stuff we make?

As the player population matures, I believe we need more opportunities for asynchronous competition. There are a number of competitive sports where your score is determined by individual effort - golf is one example. Perhaps CCP can create a leader board for Abyssal space - complete with tranches, handicaps and rewards!

@DeMichael_Crimson - With the Cosmos missions, my main has done a lot of them, Do you know if I can accept the missions with another toon i have but actually do the mission with my main again (as he ahs the most skills?

Yes, you can run them with a fleet or solo.

The character that accepts and completes the mission with the agent is the only one to receive Faction standing increase. All others in fleet will only gain Corp and Agent standing.

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Why do you dismiss the really fun stuff you can only experience in this game out of hand?

@Ima_Wreckyou I just find ganking defenceless people that have only been in game a few months (potentially) actually not fun. Now if it were ganking the gankers then that is another thing altogether. Or killing/chasing down suspects again, another matter. But that kind of thing I would like to do in a small group and not solo.

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As the ganker you can always decide whether to gank someone or not so you can always exclude people you consider too weak and/or too new.

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