Where too next?

(Giddy McFee) #1

I am trying to find a place in eve. My main has been in game since 2010, and have found myself moving from corp to corp a lot over recent years, I am basically trying to rekindle some interest in a game that has become a little dull for me. Oh, no you cannot have my stuff, I’m not leaving,I’m searching :). Ill bullet point some things.

  • Lived in most areas of space high sec, (when I was a new character), Wormholes (various grades), Sov null sec and now FW low sec.

  • Whilst I’ve tried solo PVP I am poor at it and decided recently to step away from that, I’ll still join fleets and enjoy small gang stuff, generally in non blingy cruiser down ships.

  • Tried industry/manufacturing and still have a few BPOs but whilst I enjoy the act of making something I struggle with the research in terms of finding good markets to sell in which is quite vital really.

  • Not into scamming, piracy, merc type activities.

So in my mind I’ve played in most areas of the game and yet none of them particularly interest me at the moment. I am guessing at this point that it must be me, the corp I am in whilst not massively active is in a alliance that is active, I have fleets to choose from, we have a low sec and null sec presence, we are not massively far from Jita for supplies so in my head the location is good, but I just constantly find myself struggling.

I think part of it is my style of play, the time in game is erratic really and I tend to do most things alone and I think THAT is the crux of the matter, some people enjoy this game solo, others like the community. Anyway I know this is kind of a long post that isnt really saying much but I wanted to get it off my chest really just ot find out if others feel the same and if so what do you do about it in order to pull yourself back into the game.

the only other thing I can add which may (or may not) be relevant, is that in the 8 years ive been playing ive not had any meaningful break from the game.

(erg cz) #2

Make your own corp, let it join FW when you want, and leave it when you want something else. Farm Abyss as your source of high sec income and go FW solo PvP if you want some action. Solo non-pirate T1 frigate in FW zone rearely have to wait long to get the fun fight and high sec will let you have PvE when you are not in the mood of PvP.

(Consistency) #3

Removing “tunnel vision” might give you more options. Like regular activities. Eve is beyond that. You are beyond that. As of your 8 years of experience I believe you’ve tried out numerous of activities. Why not trying something not as regular. Corp sensei; selling info/intel for isk; market manipulations; fitting adaptation; guide writing and dozens of other activities.

Eve is a sandbox. You are the creator of your own experience… Keep that in mind!

(Tipa Riot) #4

I think best advice is to not stress yourself, sit back, take a break, nobody forces you to play… and come back once you see an opportunity or new thing you want to try.

I’m on a kind of break myself, usually I come back with the events, but CCP messed that up too hard last time (Abyss space is a no-go for me) …

(Shiloh Templeton) #5

I think the key motivator in Eve is to have a goal. Early on it is gaining SP for many players, but after 8 years you can probably fly most everything. The advantage of being mostly solo is that you can control your own game time without feeling pressure or guilt.

Have you tried WH’s? You could setup a solo home in low class (if you have alts), or join a WH corp to learn the ropes. There are a lot of low key corps in low-class, or you could join one of the bigger groups in high-class such as TDSIN who are more forgiving of newer players.

You might also just move to a new area in Eve. Each region has it’s own flavor.

(Arthur Aihaken) #6

Unsubscribe. It’s the final frontier.

(Giddy McFee) #7

Thanks for the comments everyone, even yours Arthur.

(DeMichael Crimson) #8

Have you tried doing Cosmos Agents? It’s a lot of content which can be done solo. There’s also Epic Arcs and exploration sites as well. Can mix it up to keep from getting burned out.

I started off doing regular missions but after my first year of playing I started running Cosmos Agents, after completing all of those I got heavily into exploration mixed with running Epic Arcs. During my 10 years of playing I’ve taken a few months off here and there but kept my character training skills. That’s pretty much it, other than engaging in most of the Events that happen as well.

(Giddy McFee) #9

@DeMichael_Crimson, I have done a lot of the cosmos missions on my main, some I didnt complete and cannot revist as you can only do them once, although I have alpha alts on another account but not sure how that woul dwork to do them again.

I’ve seen you post a lot on the forums over the years, do you play solo, just doing exploration, arcs and events? Do you PVP at all or stay mainly/entirely in PVE

(DeMichael Crimson) #10

I mainly play solo but I do have a few different chat channels active with friends that I fleet with from time to time on PvE content. Since I’ve already completed all Cosmos Agents for the 4 main Factions, I now just do the Epic Arcs, Exploration and most of the events when they’re available in-game. I also do some manufacturing on the side but that’s mainly for personal use.

What I do is mix up the content so I don’t get burned out. Also I’m not logging into the game everyday either. I usually spend a few days to a week doing real life things and then spend a few days to a week binge playing Eve.

For PvP, I have 3 ship kills, 1 ship loss and 1 pod loss. Now that I think about it, you could say I do stealth PvP, as in being a cloaker and making it very tough for others to get me.

(Dracvlad) #11

That is how to play Eve! The fun you can have baiting avid PvP players to chase you around, one of my best moments was getting a particularly mouthy player to chase me around in my Nighthawk and then after he got fed up after a couple of hours and brought in combat probes I played around a bit before eventually I cloaked up.

His reaction was priceless. You mean you had a cloak all this time…, best three hours I spent in Eve.

When I went to Stain the first time I was operating in a single system against people who were trying to stop me and drive me out, it was pretty intense and fun, working out the best ships to use, setting up BM;s around the belts And I did that mostly solo until people who were with me started logging in after DT. There is no greater buzz in this game then doing something when people are trying to stop you and the mere act of survival can be fun too. I still look back at that time with a lot of fondness, all I can say is thank you @Aaron

(Mina Sebiestar) #12

Running missions in high sec is best fun to excitement ratio in any game ever created.

Raven fitted with cruise missiles is a starting point better the raven hull type is more fun to excitement ratio you get.


(Giddy McFee) #13

I log in most days which is probably one of the causes of the issues I am having with the game, up to about 6 months ago i logged in every day, whereas now its about 3 or 4 times a week.

When i did the Cosmos missions I screwed a lot of them up, is it possible for me to team up with my alt, but my main actually re-do the mission with the alt in a fleet with my main so I can do them again (its been years and cannot recall the mechanics of them)

(DeMichael Crimson) #14

Yeah, your alt will have to accept the mission and then your main can complete it and then have your alt complete the mission as a fleet.

The only issue is your alt needing the required amount of Faction standing to access the Cosmos Agents. That can be easily fixed by buying Pirate Tags and completing the Data Center Agents.

There’s links for Agent locations and guides listed in ‘The Plan’.

(Cletus Graeme) #15

This rules out a lot of fun stuff tbh. You might want to reconsider?

Playing EvE solo is possible if you mostly PvE or do indy stuff and it can even be enjoyable if you’re a casual player but the end game is about empire building, be it in lowsec, nullsec or w-space and in any decent MMO you can’t accomplish much alone…

8 years without a break is a long time in any game.
I’d hesitate to advise an Omega to unsub but it’s better than waiting until boredom
make you quit for good, so I’d take a break but keep an eye on upcoming expansions
and if you see something that interests you then come back.

(Salvos Rhoska) #16

You didnt give much in terms of info on what you like.

Someone here said it best.

Set yourself a goal, and strive towards it.
With that you become pro-active in creating content for yourself, rather than waiting for content to come to you, or being supplied by someone else.

(DeMichael Crimson) #17

You don’t have to unsub in order to take a break.

I have 10 yrs in this game and have been subbed the whole time, I’ve also taken a couple of months break here and there within that time but I always kept my account subbed so my character could keep training skills.

(Giddy McFee) #18

@DeMichael_Crimson thanks for that, ill give that a try,if i recall those cosmos missions were quite interesting.

re scamming: i know it limits certain gameplay but it was a conscious decision especially on the scamming part.

re solo: I am not so sure it is only about empire building, sure that is it for some, but ive never really wanted an empire personally or really to be part of a large empire.

re break: its a difficult one i know but i think a break would be good, but ill prob do as @DeMichael_Crimson says id probably try and have a break whilst subbed, that is difficult for me, eve does have a certain addictive quality, even if i am not fully enjoying it at the moment.

@Salvos_Rhoska. Indeed, I didn’t write that because I have done a lot of things and am not enjoying most of it… I say not enjoying but I just get bored quickly but I’ve been given a few ideas and am going to investigate some options further… most of it is my state of mind re the game rather than the game itself I feel.

(DeMichael Crimson) #19

The trick that I found to doing Cosmos Agents was to first check the various guides about them and research what items are needed to complete the agents mission series. Then I’d go and get those items before actually accessing the agent. That allows you to quickly complete their missions.

That can be done most of the time, however there are a few mission objectives that can’t be gained before contacting the agent since those will only spawn when the mission is accepted.

Also most of the mission objective items can be bought from Market or Public Contracts, I did that whenever the mission involved encounters with other Empire Factions to avoid getting any negative Faction standing hits.

Anyway, I enjoyed the Cosmos missions, they have a good unique story plot to them, I also got a lot of Faction munitions, Implants, Storyline modules and Storyline BPC’s.

(Salvos Rhoska) #20

Its a sandbox.

The hardest thing in EVE is not getting rich, or “get gud”, or conquering the galaxy.

The hardest thing in EVE is figuring out what you want to do in it.

Once you figure that out, its content all the way.