Any ACTUAL chance of having fun as solo

I tried three corps.
Didn’t like the experience. Even if I join a PvP based corp, it always ends up the same way: mining.
And I’m tired of mining and waiting, plain and simple.
Tried pretty much every activity this game offfered in a short period.
I pretty much understood that my piece of cake for making ISK is PI, and that I can easily live with it.

My subscription is going to expire and I started thinking: If i basically play EvE as a cookie clicker where the only objective is making money to buy more stuff to make more money to buy more stuff to make more money, I don’t see the point in continuing to play the game at all.

Now my personal problem: I’m basically asocial. I prefer doing things my own, getting my own stuff, fightning against everyone only for myself. In short, I prefer playing solo. I don’t like chatter, I don’t like easy things.
But, general opinion is that it’s impossible to play solo.

In a last attempt before dumping this game in the trash bin, i ask:

Can I ACTUALLY do something solo?
Don’t just tell me the usual lie “Do agents”, “do PVE”

To help you a bit: I’m that kind of guy that would go on an outpost and murder everyone for their assets all by myself. Maybe Mad Max is the best example. I hate everyone and I hate interecting with others in game.

Waiting for you replies


I’m basically the same way, also a solo player. So my main is a low-sec explorer. Plenty of opportunities for finding fights, and I like the exploration/hacking minigame.

Trained into a covert Loki so I can defend myself and also engage in opportunistic PVP.

I have a station trading alt that I use to pay the bills. Do station trading when I need cash, or when I’m doing something else so can’t spare the undivided attention needed for exploration.

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I am the same although Ive tried lots of things over a long period of time, ended up corp hopping and then recently left to go it alone. There are many things you can do solo.

  • yes you can do the career agents. Slightly differen story a bitmore interesting than regular missions and you get a standing boost.
  • Cosmos missions - these are 1 time only (per character missions" I suggest reading up on it as they can work out a little complicated in terms of the optimal way to do them (becuase if you fail even 1 it can block out a whole chain.
  • Go out in an epxloration ship and stay out until the hold is full and then make it back to a trade hub.
  • fit up a gank ship and go gank the gankers
  • try and find an out of the way system and build your own little empire, you can use an NPC station and try to stock the market for example.
  • I found this a while ago on eve careers,not all are best solo, but I amsure there are some that lend themselves well to going alone -

thank you, for the suggestions.
By the way, I think the community should just stop using that pic. Everytime i ask what to do, they show me that: it doesnt’ mean anything to me

it is all the different things that you can do in the game, zoom inon it and read the options, that list is far greater than my memory to recall all the options on it as a list

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I see many people flying solo in faction warfare zones. I tryed null, but it is no fun to wait an hour for fleet to form and than camp some system for next hour to get some target. Wormhole space can be even more empty … So it is faction warfare low sec , if you want to solo pew pew. Novice and small plexes will let you avoid being ambushed by gang, unless they bait you on free solo target at the beginning.

I doubt it.
I do PVE generally solo. I mine, mission, research/manufacture and do PI. It requires motivation, without enjoying it you will give up soon.
Solo PVP… well, go ahead. Attack organised large corporations and profit! This will require skill and planning.

Tldr; I doubt it or you wouldn’t made gour post. Just try some more, you’ll eventually find a group where you belong.

Solo PvP is a thing.

Also exploration for solo isk making.

As an alpha and never have joined a corp. yet, there’s alot of things to do Solo. Exploration, as others have said can be profitable and enjoyable.
It really depends on what you actually enjoy. If you want to roam around and randomly kill, why not? Just don’t be surprised if they have somebody show up for support.
Alpha’s are limited on what they can actually do, skill wise, so if you’re Omega still you should check what you wouldn’t be able to do comparatively. If PI is planetary interaction, I don’t think alpha’s can do that, along with invention.
Researching the game, that seems to be your best bet.

As others have mentioned, you can try exploration, that includes just not the mini-hacking relic and data type, but straight up tourism.

This site is dedicated to where you can go:

Depending on what you fly and how you fit it, you can even shoot your fellow tourists, when you encounter them.

I enjoy the solo play in eve

I’m in a Corp and enjoy the social side of that but heading off solo is what I enjoy most

I have a Loki I go drone hunting with, scan down drones people have lost and scoop them up and crack open the MTU’s people leave behind just to see what’s inside

I also enjoy wormhole space so while I’m out drone hunting I do some WH diving with a mobile depo can re fit to add the analyser or run the combat sites shoot the locals what ever I feel like at the time

I’ve found the nomadic life is a better suite for me doing the solo life

Which is precisely why I play solo. It is also why I mine, 'cause you are not supposed to be able to do that / enjoy it long term either.

I mine in hisec by proxy using two alts: trader plus transporter. I place buy orders then compress, haul and sell for 20% markup.

My main mines in lowsec by acquiring R64 ore from third parties. Personal mining refineries have also gone up - and come down - but I chose wrong reactions for that option, so that particular venture is in mothballs.

Did try to get into corp recently for access to nul sec but couldn’t get voice comms to work. Stuff them - wasn’t interested in speaking with them anyway.

I don’t do PvP. But, if it ain’t nailed down? It’s minesies. Which includes the low sec moon belts. This also means I know where refineries are across two regions. And when they are target rich.

Once told my local gate camp where there were two rorqs operating a belt, with excavator drones. Off they went in fleet. And got creamed by the back up fleet. Think I made about 70-80mil in discarded drones.

I also see which systems the jump freighters always use, and who uses noob corvettes to light cynos (lots of people do that). That’s a lot of “targets of opportunity” (outposts if you will) to be tracked and splashed. By someone.

And like @Pumbler_unknown, I pick up drones in hisec, have thought about mtu farming, and do occasionally pick up refineries that have unanchored - 3 in low sec so far vs 3/4 that I was tracking but didn’t get to in time.

Final thought I like is possibility of structure farming. Something like, map all low power structures in hisec, figure which are abandoned, wardec (to prove it), then figure out how to splash as a solo. Problems are, 1) each attack will take hour of shooting (could be boring), 2) you might need to recruit fellow solo misfits to help on ad hoc basis (how to do that?), 3) time zone tanking could mean any final attack would be at 0300, Wed morning your time (would you be prepared to do), 4) asset safety on Upwell structures might mean drop yield is not great (in which case, what about POS, which you would also have to find first anyway; are they covered by “safety”?).

A lot of the above is watching. And waiting. And mapping. But for you, that could well be “softly softly catchee monkey”?

I spent six or seven years playing essentially solo.

A lot of lowsec-based industry, ended up building capitals and jump freighters in a system that was gatecamped 12 hours a day by Russians. Made about 150B station-trading out of Jita over the course of a year and a half, because I needed to be there to buy materials for the jump freighters. Ran a lowsec PI farm because I was there too, fooled around with exploration and combat sites for the same reason. Plotted a safe-ish route down to 4C- for mining barge BPOs… and got them OUT safely… in a Slasher… twice. Ran some COSMOS missions, there’s some truly wacky scenery in those.

All this was mixed in with, y’know, some L4 missions, and six months of trying faction warfare, and building several thousand Hobgoblin II’s, and completely screwing with the market for frigates and cruisers in Hek some weeks because it sounded fun. (It kind’a was.)

So. Yeah. There’s stuff to do by yourself in this game.


Soloing Wormholes is cool for people who don’t like company. There are some wormholes with open stations (player owned), a nice base for exploration and scanning for other wormholers. They are hard prey, but if you catch them, it’s rewarding. And you have no problems regarding PI and ISK.
Lowsec ganking may be fun, too, some lowsec shortcuts definitely need more trouble, and shooting indus makes you a real pirate outlaw.

Sure, there are only a few things in EvE you can’t do solo. But what do you want to do? It’s your choice, and then just do it!

There are a few good streamers on Twitch that fly solo and could give you ideas on solo content.

I’ve been playing on and off, mostly on, for 8 years now. Much of that has been solo, because I’m also asocial. EVE is a flexible and rich game - if you are willing to put in the work and figure out what you want to do and how to do it, you can definitely have fun solo.

Here are a few things I’ve done:
–High sec mission invasion, loot theft and suspect baiting - totally do-able solo, albeit a lot easier solo multibox
–high sec wardecs - set up a corp for yourself, pick a target, declare war and see what happens
–wormhole solo - take an orca alt into a shattered wh with a highsec static, do exploration, hunt daytrippers, learn to map and navigate wormholes with tripwire or pathfinder. put a cloak on the orca and use it to swap ships. works best in a very very large hole where one ship can’t dscan the whole thing. WH space is actually going to take the edge off of the inherent disadvantage of playing solo - with no local, you can be sneaky a lot more easily, to both get the drop on others and hide from them.

I’ve enjoyed doing all of those things solo, however I’ve had the benefit of running a few accounts to make things easier. Multiboxing is something you definitely want to get comfortable with if you want to play alone.

Another piece of advice I’ll give is not to give up on corps permanently - I’ve managed to find one which fits my playstyle and has some cool guys in it.

Long story short - can you have fun playing EVE solo without spending time, effort and isk? Certainly not. Can you have fun playing EVE solo if you’re willing to try new things, take chances and put in more work than you would have to as part of a group? Hell yes.



Anyone who says this is a scrub without the minerals to survive anywhere unless they have 9 friends to hide behind. Solo is harder, but it’s entirely possible and one of the most rewarding ways to play EvE once you find your sweet spot.

Get in touch in game to discuss fits and tactics. Don’t quit :stuck_out_tongue:

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I play solo, and have fun. I don’t define my happiness by the whole “ISK per hour” thingy. As long as I have something to do, Im all good!


Killing is just a means of communication, you know. You want to kill people and don’t want to communicate with people, to me its quite contradictory :grinning:

There are NPC if you want to ‘murder everyone’ though.