Returning Player - Yea again some questions!


i lost my old acc so i… was like: “hey what can i do”

I started Eve again, because i - MAYBE -think it could be a great game which i could play ‘passively’ a bit while im studying and all the stuff.

Because of this, i will be mostly playing ‘Singleplayer’ - But, in my older experience, this game is mostly Multiplayer. (not problem btw).

But especially i got not ‘that much time’ i am not sure if there will be enough to do as Single Player?
I remember Mining all stuff, even then looking always on the map and more and more.

So my main question is: Is this game ‘fun’ in a singleplayer way? Especially when joining some corps it was mostly that many people simply were expecting that you have to be online some hours a day.

EvE is certainly not single player, everything is related to other player, be it the market or unavoidable interactions in space. However you can play solo without being tied to a corp or someone else’s schedule, and only join casual groups like NPSI fleets if time permits.

But you need to put effort in to your setup, to be able to play as casual as possible. Learning the mechanics and survival tricks is mandatory, and you need to spend time and skillpoints on trying and finding things you like to do. Ideally multiple things, to not get bored.


I play what I can, when I can.

Are things objectively ‘better’ when played as a group? Depends on what you want to do in EVE. Some activities are certainly made easier/more attainable when you are part of a corp or a loose group of players.

However, like you, I can’t commit to set times in any given day or week and while there are corps out there that understand this, sooner or later they need you for ‘xxxx’ activity…

I have found that I can do everything I want solo - I’m slower than if I were in a corp, I’m not as efficient at making ISK, but I am doing what I want, when I want to and that’s what EVE is all about, right?

I shoot NPC’s, mine rocks, buy and sell a bit on the market, all to the times of my own choosing.

Fly free, fly safe, fly dangerous - fly how YOU want


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For that kind of players CCP introduced the abyssal filaments.
Single t<20min missions, somewhat dangerous, but solo content.

And if you more into industry: Mining with multiple accounts can be fun, too (in a puzzling and tidying way).

I’d recommend finding a corp that doesn’t have as stringent activity requirements, because Eve is always better with friends. A nullsec newbie corp might be nice, such as Pandemic Horde Inc. or KarmaFleet. In PH Inc. the activity requirement is basically “log in at least once every few months so you don’t get purged when the corp gets full.” I can’t speak for KF though.

When I was in KF it was I think 3 fleets every 3 months.

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