Is it real to begin from scratch in this game almost solo?

Hey community,

I played EVE for ~1 year many years ago. Now I’m thinking about playing because I have lots of spare time for this now :slight_smile:

I’m curious, is it still possible to play solo / small corp or you must try hard 12 hours/day to do something in PvP or high-end PvE?

Thanks in advance

Any playstyle is still valid.


Yip I did that 5 months ago after playing since 2007 its definitely possible. No try hard or heavy grind needed just play smart instead of playing hard.

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Good to hear this, guys :slight_smile:

Is there any good newbie guides on this forum or youtube you can recommend me?
I would like to learn the basics again, try some PvE missions and then will see :slight_smile:

my daughter is a solo eve player, but she has me to ask questions and find out about things. the new player help channel is a bit of a jungle. youtube stuff is frequently out of date with all the changes. bottom line, a friendly corp with comms is your best bet. just try to avoid one that is simply looking for numbers.
however, that said, there are plenty of solo players out there doing pve and exploration. mining and industry not so much. good luck in your journey


Been there done that, completely doable even if it might require more time and effort to progress than before.

Just requires to have the proper mindset then nothing will stop you even if you experience setbacks which is part of the experience.


If there is one thing I wish the CCP starter tutorials could teach it would be this.

Make for damn sure that you watch a recent youtube video for the updated “New Player Experience”. Most if not all of them have a code in their description for 1,000,000 free skill points to kick off a new account. I started an account for a couple days and saw one of those videos and of course threw that account away to start another to redeem those skill points.

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Or just take a look on these very forums:


Oh hey thanks for reminding me.

You’re welcome.

Consequently for the next three months the up to date thread is this recently posted and pinned one:

Every now and again I fly to a new part of space having transferred all my isk to an alt and flying nothing but a rookie ship. I’m not allowed to touch anything in my current assets unless I paid Jita market price for it. (Transfer the isk to my alt) but in general it’s easier to buy new in the new space.

I then start out looting wrecks and killing weak ships to kit out my corvette. Run some sites and do some level 1 missions when I am able.

Soon enough I’m in a frigate or a destroyer and I will either pick fights, bait mission runners, steal their loot or just run some higher level missions and sites myself. Soon enough I have a 50mil isk cruiser pvp fit and I take the thing out to lose it. I also get a similarly priced pve ship for running more sites.

Pvp can be very inexpensive. You just set your sites on targets that are appropriate for you.


Frankly, the other players are playing for 10-15 years in general… they can solo EVE because they have a lot of skills, assets and game knowledge. You will never catch up!

Because you will never catch up I would recommend becoming:
-ninja looter
-factional warfare

Ganker! Go kill people in high sec or join any ganker group, learn how to get the job done then go run your own thing otherwise you will have no loot for yourself. Or try to find a buddy, there are a few solo gankers out there who would work together.
Find someone who answers emails, answers convo invites and likes to interact with others.

Thieves in the other hand, will be always stealing and making ISK, but you will be the passive agent on grid. Watch zkillboard and find ganks and weird kills, most ganks do not have the red GANKED tag, find T1 haulers and small ships dying by Tornados/Thrasers/Coercers/Catalysts, because a lot of those kills have no records of death by CONCORD.
Start stalking the people who are killing others… add notes to their bios on who they fly with, which ships, where, who is the shooter, scooper and looter, check their fits on zkillboard on their deaths and learn from it.

Factional Warfare, start with deplexing and only fly complete garbage ships before you have your bearings in low sec, because in the beginning people will farm you I promise! :slight_smile:
Learn the fits dying in the systems and this map helps a lot to know where is quiet and where is hot.

Because you will never catch up with the people who are playing for years, don’t strain yourself and don’t go for any grind.

EDIT: steal from yellow wrecks, loot blue and white wrecks

Speaking of thievery…

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It’s possible to do pvp cheap without resorting to the “cheapest” form of pvp in the game.

Some of the best times I’ve had in pvp have been in a 50 million dual rep vexor.

A lot of the best players in the game have shared all their knowledge for you already, what they have taken years to learn they share with you in minutes/hours. It has never been so easy to become a pro in Eve as today.


Combat Mechics: With graphics

Making isk:


C5 Wormholes:


50-100 hours of watching vid’s + trying them out and you will be better than most eve players already even as a new bro as most people play to chill and don’t even try to be the best.