Third Quarter Buddy Invites 2022

At the end of every 3 months, the thread will be locked, hidden and a new one created for the cycle to restart. The rules, stated below, remain the same.

Thank you,
Team Lead

Dear EVE Online players,

We appreciate your enthusiasm for our Buddy Program; after all, it is a great way to invite fellow gamers to try EVE Online and we would like to encourage everyone to keep doing so. However, in order to keep the clutter on the forums to a minimum ,and to give everyone a fair opportunity to invite new players to the game, we would like to institute the following ground rules for advertising Buddy Program invites in the New Citizens Q&A forum section.

  • Offers to send a free 1 million Skill point invite are allowed only in this forum thread. All other threads will be considered advertising and locked.

  • Absolutely no discussions of the offers made by other players are allowed.

  • The players receiving the invites may post confirmations and/or ask questions about the offer; all other posts will be considered off topic and removed. Please also note that using alts to falsify your offer is considered scamming and will be removed with a possible warning, forum ban or removal from participation in this thread.

  • Any forms of scamming are prohibited and will be dealt with by EVE Online customer support. These are transactions which affect new subscriptions and scamming may result in action being taken on your account.

  • Off topic, Spam and flame wars regarding this offer will not be tolerated. You may not use someone elses guides or services and offer them as your own under any circumstances. You may not engage in a reporting war, using the report function, to complain about your competitors. Community will remove offers from those we feel are disruptive and problematic and will do so with no negotiation and no petition on the matter. This service is designed to help new players and you have thousands of new trials per month. Please find a way to work together or you will be removed.

  • The use of alts to “game” the thread is not permitted and is considered a form of scamming. Only one offer per person is authorized. All repeat posts by the same person will be removed.

For any questions related to the Buddy Program please use the Support Ticket System .
Please any offers that don’t go through under Billing & Account > PLEX, Codes and Gifts.

Please note that all existing threads for Buddy offers will be locked and directed to this thread.

Using this link will help support Operation Magic School Bus



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Let’s start with these helpful guides…

New Player Guide
Time is money, so it’s best to mine and read!

The Magic 14
Useful skills to start training as early as possible.

Ship Fits
Find ship fitting suggestions from the community here.

EVE Survival Agent Mission Guide
Search mission name for detailed instructions on how to complete.

LP Store
Find out which mission corporations offers the most profitable items.

Eve Appraisal
Quick and easy space junk evaluation

Major Trade Hubs
Popular systems to trade in.

Guide Galore
Categorized list of guides

Best Websites for EVE
More guides!

What to do in EVE…

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