New pilot looking for a purpose

I’m a newbie. I know the most basic mechanics of the game, but of course i only scratched the surface of EVE and I still have (and want) to learn a lot.
I tried this game a couple of months ago, I ended up in the mining/carebear viscious circle and, like most people, left the game.
But it didn’t get out of my mind, the tought still bugs me. I love the “unique ness” of EVE: the economy, the universe and the fact that this game essentially is not a game, but a social experiment.
I always wanted to play solo and create my own story, only to realise that it’s essentially impossible or boring.

So i ask more experienced people: what should I do? and if there’s something to actually do, how can I do it? There an entire universe to explore and I don’t know what to do or where to go or who I should talk to.
I want to get out of the “accumulate ISK until I’m ready/ it’s too dangerous/ I don’t want to talk to anyone” ■■■■■■■■ and FLYYY! for real.
If you can give me some general directions that would be appreciated. In short, how did you find your purpouse in EVE?

Also I’m playing on a basic computer, so I can’t dual box, and I don’t have a lot of time (uni student, part time worker. Central europe timezone).

Anyone that helps is fairly appreciated

Here are some ideas:

But for a start an active Corp helps you to learn how to survive. After a while, you may be ready for soloing EvE, it can be fun, too.


I’ve been flying for 13 months after a previously abortive attempt that maybe lasted 4.

My purpose? To prove people wrong. Specifically, by successfully playing solo. And on a single computer, without multi-boxing. Also, without engaging in any pvp. At the same time as making isk from mining, mainly in low sec, spending it on skill injectors (who cares what the purists say), yet still accumulating enough to buy cheap, haul and sell at profit. And finally, to run a single person corp and operate structures.

Done all that now, and successfully. (Although, structure survival in low sec? Not so much). But that, and everything else, did involve just doing it. So … hauling from low sec in T1 industrials, without use of blockade runners or deep space transports? Yup. And by using barges in low sec, which everyone said would die? Yup.

Next is nul sec, but … I might just look to a corporation for that. Just to access their volume of space.

Only advice for you? Just do it. Whatever it is. You said it yourself, you like the economy and you want to explore. So, do that. Fit a venture for gas, visit wormholes, see where that takes you … literally. And maybe extract gas in passing. Play the exploration game. Be a rolling stone. Look at the graphics. Learn to cloak and just “people watch” in busy systems. Listen to others’ advice too, but simply be aware of the risks when you ignore it, and go do your own thing…

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Only you know what your interests are, so nobody else can really tell you what you, should do, but that’s not to say that there are not people that could suggest options to you.

Most things in EVE requires time and commitment to achieve anything, so to start you off on your journey, set yourself some goals that you want to strive for, as you’re just starting out, this could be as simple as training towards a specific ship that you would like to try. Let’s for example say that you want to go into lowsec PvP (or Faction Warfare), while it’s not totally impossible to kill someone in a rookie ship you’d probably get further in a bigger ship, so you will need some ships. Now you have a goal, get ships to be used for PvP/FW, start out in frigates, they are cheap after all.

An Example:

“Your” Goals:

  • 10-20 fitted Frigates, to be used for lowsec PvP (or Faction Warfare).
  • Train skills towards the Vexor(?).

how to reach Goal:

  • Earn ISK to buy ships by doing:
    • Mining
    • Missions
    • Exploration (Data/Relic sites)
    • DED (Combat sig) sites
    • Anomalies
    • Trading
    • Manufacturing
    • etc.

I played Eve some years ago, and went lot of time away, then few months ago I started from 0. Was getting bored, then I decided to found a Corp and enlist rookies and help them knowing better the game, I am doing that for some time now, and I never get bored again, if you want to join, we do mining, industry, and some missions… But the main goal is to guide new people into eve universe

the answer is quite simple: eve is a mmo. So join a corp. You will find friends, mates, objectives, tasks to do, things to defend or build etc

Good, you made the first step. You are ready!

The trick to playing EVE is not “Earn … isk so I can buy … ship.” it is “What ships can I explode without a second thought, given my current income.”

As your skills as a player increase, so will your income usually, and you’ll be able to whelp ships that were way out of your reach earlier.

Only at first, don’t give up :smiley:

Ok here are a few ideas off the top of my head :

○ Buy 20 Frigates for 5M or less each and assemble them all somewhere close to your chosen area (almost any lowsec will do at first). Take each one in turn into lowsec and engage whatever you see. Each time you die (it will happen a lot, it’s normal) try to remember a lesson to apply next time. Lesson can be anything from “what ship it’s stupid to engage and why” to “how should I approach target to avoid damage before I can get close”. Don’t be upset over losses, remember every one of the 20 is designed to die and teach you something.

○ Become a salvager for hire. many mission pilots hang out in salvage channels where they can outsource their mission salvaging / loot collecting to newer salvagers for a %. Depending where you do this, it can net you millions and even billions if you can follow a carrier around nulsec. Necessary skills are quick to train so barrier to entry is very low.

○ Hunt Geckos and other high priced drones. Often missioners will accidentally abandon shiny expensive drones when leaving their mission and forget to set a bookmark to return to. Use dscan as you travel about scanning for certain drones and scan them down for collection. I have a friend who does this and he finds several Geckos a day worth 100M each.

○ Gather a band of other new players and try to live in wormhole space. This may seem like a major mission, but long term goals like this are one of the things that makes EvE shine. This was actually one of my first long term goals in EvE and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

○ Become a master criminal and try to trick other players out of their hard earned ISK. Skill requirements for this are next to non-existent so any rank amateur with the gift of the gab stands to make a lot of profit off the right mark. EvE allows this gameplay and some of the best and most famous EvE stories are about these players.

I have loads more so message me if you want to chat further. Good luck dude.

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Just try things, experiment, fool around, watch other players, get used to being exploded, talk to players who killed you, learn the mechanics, get better next time … with cheap stuff, you don’t care losing.

Important IMO, set yourself a goal, like scoring a solo kill, successfully setup a low/nullsec PI farm, complete a pirate epic arc, etc.

Join some big noob friendly group listen on fleets to fc and try to become a fc yourself

I think it mostly depends on the type of person you are. If you like talking to people most of the time, join a corp and see if their activities are the ones you’re looking for. If they aren’t - look for a different corp. Also learning things about EVE will be easier since you’ll get a lot of free tips from your corp mates along the way.

If you’re the lone wolf type, then you would probably be better off doing solo stuff - exploration, salvaging, hauling, drone scavenging, industry, etc.

I would suggest that you try a little bit of everything and see if it feels fun and interesting to you.

If you’d like to have a stab at learning solo PvP I’ll fund your first 20 Ships. Send me lossmails of ships lost to players and I’ll pay you. 5 Million ISK per ship limit.

Message me and confirm if you want to try.

I’m interested in your offer :slight_smile:

If you are still available, send me a message with the details of ylur corp

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