Hi, would love some guidance

Hi, i have been playing for 4 days i made the agent missions, a lot of great people helped me in the rookie channel, i think i got a pretty good “understanding” of the game mechanics, i want to say i read a lot of people complaining about getting killed, i haven’t died once yet, if i see someone whit a blinking skull i run away.

So what i would like to ask is, i feel like i don’t know what to do in this game, i really love space games, i play Star citizen, space haven, no man sky, elite dangerous, and i decided to give a look at eve, but i swear i don’t know what to do in this game, maybe i am missing something, and that’s why i have come here to get some insight on more older players.

I love the game so far, its immersive, not as immersive as star citizen is, but its a different type, i like it too, but i just feel like, i’m wasting my time as a player, i feel like only mining to get more money, to get a ship to mine faster, i don’t really see like raids, or dungeons, or things to do whit other players, its a weird empty feeling when i play this game now.

Feels like i’m playing a game to farm money in my case i only know how to do mine, and then buy ships to what purpose?, and do this over and over, i don’t really get it. Im sure i’m missing something, but right now i feel like this is a job instead of a game, i didn’t had that “fun” i had whit others, i feel like here i have to be farming endless now whit no objective or gameplay.

Sorry for the long post, really trying to give this game a chance.

You can do what you feel is fun.

This gets posted a bunch and is a bit out of date (?), but this might at least give some idea.

I don’t think you need to farm a huge bankroll to start. For instance you could do Project Discovery til you hit your daily limit. Use that isk to fit an exploration frigate and find a wormhole. Dove in and see if you can make off with some loot before you’re killed. If not, the loss is modest, and in a short while you’ll be back at it. If you are lucky, you’ve got some seed money for the next run, or trying something like Abyssal filaments. These kinds of activities have channels in game, too. Lots of people doing all sorts of things that you can join in. Make sure to talk to people, they’re on the other side of their screen, also trying to have fun.

It’s a game of planning and adapting. Sometimes you need an opportunity and you get it, other times you don’t. There’s always tomorrow.

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Unless you are an industrialist (or dedicated miner :scream: ) you mine / farm to replace your lost ships and buy / fit new ones for your PvP (and some cases PvE like Abyssals or w-space) activities.

Based on your OP and specifically pointing out activities involving other players and more action I think the best would be if you found a good PvP corp and got involved with them and see how it goes. Alternatively you could join factional warfare but be warned that such activities wreck your faction standings. So probably the most advisable is to find a corp which has frequent roams / fleets / activities in general.

As this might have longer term consequences it is best to decide before hand which region of space you want to try this if you go this route, so hisec corp that roams into low / null / wormhole space, lowsec corp, nullsec, wormhole space and so on.

Alternatively find a solo playstyle with more action like wormhole exploration in cheap expendable frigates or mining in lowsec or filamenting into nullsec to rob ESS banks or just some pew pew and so on.

The “what to do in EVE” chart image has already been linked above so as you can see there are plenty of things to do you just have to figure out what interests you enough to try out, do some preparations and go for it and see how it goes and might change later on if the playstyle doesn’t satisfy you.

Welcome to New Eden.

Two quick ones, it’ll probably be three and long…

Firstly, Eve is a social game. Yes, it can be played as a solo player, but it comes alive when you are part of a group carving your niche in the world. Have a look around, you don’t have to stay with the first group you find - being comfortable with them and enjoying their company and having a common view and objectives from life in game is important.
They vary from groups dedicated to fighting their own battles and games in nul-sec through to RP groups playing life within the Empires (and mixes of the two and all creeds in-between). Really the question is “what do you want?” (though “who are you?” is the better question to understand).

Secondly, ISK. It’s not a scoring mechanism and the aim isn’t to fly bigger and more expensive things. I’ve been playing for about eight years: the last ship I bought was a Maller (a T1 Amarrian Brick/Cruiser), the next ship I can reasonably think of a reason to by would be a travel fitted intercepter. You can have a lot more fun in ships you don’t live in fear of the cost of loosing.
Big ships are not automatically better ships. Everything has it’s role. Everything has a counter. Eve is definitely a Rock, Paper, Scissors, hand grenade, frying pan, swimsuit, pickaxe sort of game.

You’ll find a good, fun, way of maintaining enough of an income for you to enjoy yourself. A good corp will help you with that - indeed there’s good advice here already. I’d always recommend exploration over mining, just because the engagement and interest is always there: wormholes are fun, tense and profitable: Public:Exploration Site Safety Guide - The Explorer's Compendium (though remember, other players may make it “less safe” - D-scan and your wits are your friends).

Good luck. You’ve done the right thing by reaching out and asking - I’m always happy to help.

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Thank you guys, will try to find a organization, i see that what general you guys are pointing to.

O i know find something weird, someone gave me a fit for a ship called procurer, but i need 7 days of skills to learn so i can play whit the ship? =O we cant play whit the ships we want now that is game breaking for me. Unless there’s a way around it


Never played a game that had advancement and any opportunity for growth before?



When I started, I was pigeonholed into training into a Drake, then as i started progressing more into my skills, I wanted a Raven, it took me MONTHs and well worth MONTHs to get into my Raven, and every day kept skilling higher and killing faster with it.

there’s a sense of accomplishment when you go from being able to just sit and spin a ship docked, to actually being able to take it out on your first flight and lose it, and to get another and not lose it.

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