3 new players don't know what to do


Two of my friends and I recently started playing EVE. We have done most of the base career agent missions and have been trying out mining and a bit of hauling. We have only been playing for 1-2 weeks and now we’re wondering what we can do as a group.

Is there any PvE group content or what is recommended for players with so little experience?

We don’t really feel like we have enough time to join a corp, cause we can’t invest a lot of time in the game. When we actually do have time to play, we’d prefer to log on for a few hours and just play casually.

Hope some of you guys have some great ideas. Your help is much appreciated!

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While not very common, some corps, such as the one I run, are 100% Casual and RL friendly with no login or activity requirements. We’d be glad to show you the ropes and fly with you guys when you do manage to find the time to play the game. Join our Discord server if you’d like to know more about us.


Honestly, your best bet is still to find a Corp to join.
There are many filled with people with limited time in game. I seriously recommend it.

If you really don’t want to go that route, you could try…
Group mission running, abyssal deadspace (can do a pocket with the three of you in frigates) PvP roams into low sec.
run combat sites or exploration sites in low class wormholes.
When PvP finds you and you get blown up, TALK to the people that blew you up.
That might be your new corporation!

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Greetings. We are a very relaxed corp aimed at helping new players, also we provide guidance. No mandatory stuff, so y can just do whatever y want whenever y want. If interested mail me ingame or just join our comms for guidance . Naabal discord

First of all I’d like to welcome you and your friends to EVE.

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed; the NPE (New Player Experience) still have ways to go, and it doesn’t really explain/teach much of what will be needed when done with Tutorial and Career Agents. It’s common for players to spend some time trying out various activities before settling in on a few of them, EVE is very complex in options of gameplay it has to offer, such as, Missions, Mining, Exploration (hunting Signatures, Anomalies or Players (PvP)), WH, Nullsec, Lowsec etc. etc.

Now don’t be confused by the huge amount of information that this contains. So what you can take from this is to look at what might suit your needs:

PvE Content (Solo or Small Group):

  • Missions - might be fun for a while but not going to be forever, quickly become repetitive.
  • Belt/Anomaly Ratting
  • Abyssal Space - Solo Cruiser or with 3 Frigates
  • Exploration - fly around in scanning cruisers/frigates looking for Relic/Data sites or Combat signatures, explore Wormholes, K-space (HS, LS and Nullsec) - PvP may occur.
  • Incursions, “endgame” content - join one of the communities such as
    • “Warp To Me Incursions” aka. WTM, flying shield fleets
    • NGA - Russian community.
    • “The Ditanian Fleet” aka. TDF, flying armor fleets
    • and more…
  • Industry
    • Resource gathering (Mining)
    • Research (Blueprints)
    • Manufacturing (production)
    • Sell in Market hubs for profit
  • Trading - Buy at low price and Sell high for a profit.
  • Invasions - take up the fight against the invading fleets of Triglavian forces.

PvP Content (Solo or Small Group):

  • Roaming - Lowsec, Nullsec or even venture into WHs.
  • Join public fleets - “Bombers Bar” for example.
  • Highsec Wardec - create your own or join one of the existing mercenary corps, check in the Recruitment/Services Section of forums.

3 people? Sounds like you could have great fun in frigate abyssal instances.
I recommend to do some research before trying it (lot’s of videos around and twitch-streamers who can answer questions directly as they come up)
The abyss needs some knowledge to survive it and come out with loot afterwards.

And let me second the recommendation to join a corp.
If I was in your situation right know with the experience I have today (I have been playing since 2013) I would join Eve University.
But don’t let anyone tell you “how to play the game”. It’s a sandbox in which you decide what you want to do and how you want to lose or win. :wink:

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Go do the Sisters of EvE epic arc together while you consider your options. It’s the only epic arc designed for new players.


If you like we could do various type of missions together, where are you based?

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