I’m a newbie - played for a few months back in 2014, lost interest, came back again, and still kinda losing interest. I’ve done all of the tutorial and career agents, moved on to doing sec missions and got a few under the belt before deciding to join a Corp (Pandemic Horde), got bored after about half an hour sitting in nullsec setting up my overview in the specified way and trying to figure out just what the hell I was supposed to be doing. My experience with nullsec corps so far (I’ve joined two, one as this character and another as a deleted alt) is that you lose your ship trying to get to your new home station, sit in your pod with no way to buy a new ship because you’re too far away from any markets, read through a load of tedious rules and regulations set up by the corp, then wait for someone in authority to stumble by and grant you a new ship that will probably get destroyed as soon as you leave the station because you’re an Alpha and can only fly trash anyway. All I want to do is set up warp disruption bubbles with a bunch of fellow ne’er do wells and blow up the occasional person - as has happened to me on multiple occasions, but every corp I’ve joined either has some nebulous pilot development scheme that will take months to complete, or tries to make me do wormhole scans until my eyes bleed because that’s all my pathetic Alpha Clone ass is good for. I want fun. Fun is blowing things up. How do I accomplish fun?

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Hello and welcome to Eve … again.

Well, your previous experience sounds a bit depressing. Maybe try asking a few Corp members to form a fleet and go do a PvP roam with small / medium hull class ships. If you’re located somewhere near low sec, you could go look for targets in a Faction Warfare system.

Anyway, that’s about all I got. Hope you have good luck and much success.

“Things” or ships of other players? Because if you go ratting, you can blow up as many “things” as you want.
Until Omegas can fly (and handle) more than “alpha trash”, they need at least 2-3 months of skilling. If you think patience and learning is for dorks, you’ll probably be bored playing EvE.
You can buy skills with real money, you can even buy ships and stuff. but you can’t buy experience. I’m afraid these plans are necessary, or you remain being a victim for vets until you quit again.

You may try some ganking with catalysts for a start…

Or Join a Alpha friendly wardec corp or low sec corp. Where in low you will still get killed… but you will die along side others. And in a wardec corp… you will shoot down whales and loot pinatas that will fund your ships buying for the next 6 months.

In eve… fun does not happen automatically. Your fun (in this case PVP) needs to be looked for and forced upon your victim. Your fun does not always equal their fun… :slight_smile: And it never should. If you fight fair your fighting to loose.


EVE is a game for those who like chess; you’ve got to hang in there because it’s aslow burn XD

If you have your heart set on getting instant content, it can be done, however it’s not free or cheap.
You’ll want to buy an already trained character, this can cost $50+ easy depending on what you want to fly and how well. Next is you’ll want to buy some PLEX with RL money. You’re in luck since PLEX is currently at an all time high, you can buy and sell 500 units and net around 1.6B which for a newer player who is keen on doing T1 frigs<cruisers would last you a week or so if you were hammering out the PVP content.

All that said, i strongly advice against doing this, because it takes a solid year to get your head around most of the game mechanics and another year to get to the point where you feel in the zone. Just learning how to fit ships takes months, each ship has dozens of options and can counter all sorts of things if done right.

I would honestly just find another game, Rust is a good option i think. It shares the same kind of risk/reward based gameplay and can be pretty intense.

■■■■ nullsec corps, just get a bunch of cheap ships and try shooting stuff in low sec. (Don’t go through notoriuos gatecamps.)


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Well one day if you ever return, Junkyard Gene, we will fight together again and one day become a true fighting force.

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