Solo Play

IMHO :smile:

Successful solo play in EvE is one of the more advanced ways of playing EvE.

This is the opposite of most games but EvE is not most games.

For new players, rather than stumble around in the dark getting pod killed, the best thing is to join a corp and learn the game before setting out on your own or creating your own corp.


Poison dagger in the night > broadsword under the sun?

Nothing wrong with solo play. Trust me, it will not make you go blind so knock yourself out.

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Been going solo since 2008.



Not saying there is anything wrong with it, or that you can’t do it.

Only saying it takes a lot more skill to do it well than new players have.

I mean, assuming they plan to ever leave highsec :rofl:

not really, I have been solo since the start and I’m doing fine
there is no real skill requirement to start playing solo. its fine to ask questions but you don’t have to join
a corp before getting skills

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Solo player here since 2008, got a ton of assets and skills, travel all over New Eden doing whatever I want.


All depends on what you consider a “ton of assets”

What might be a comfortable amount for you. Might be a fortune to the next guy. And pocket change to the next.

The beauty of a sandbox is you can set your own goals. And while many goals can be achieved solo, most of them are far easier in a group. And some are virtually impossible without others.


Well, can’t say I disagree with you.

I have close to 100 bill in assets, got a lot of stuff just sitting in stations collecting dust that I haven’t looked at in years.

I also have close to 200 mill skill points. In fact for a while now I’ve been training up skills that I’ll probably never ever use.

Bottom line - granted there’s a few things in the game that I can’t do as a solo player but for the most part I basically have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.


Can confirm, solo PvP is sooo rewarding when successful. Although I usually break it up with some small gang roams for some diversity.


I can confirm, Solo is possible. Most of my eve time is solo, but I do branch out to help newbs or travel in ded sites, or help mine a .5 moon. But mostly hisec solo mission runner.

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Meh, I can take it or leave it, too much restrictions such as full api, back round checks, etc, not to mention drama, and war deccs, flying solo you can always fleet up and find a pack to run with I’d like to join a Corp but my game plan usually does not match a Corp needs.


thats why my tiny corp with just a few members, really doesn’t have a set goal in mind. Everybody can kinda do their own thing, but still achieve as a team doing different stuff, or coming together to do something…

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In fairness, solo play as how the vast majority of supposedly multiplayer online games are played now.

During those instances when teaming up is required, it is often treated as an annoying side-effect, and other players as irritating NPCs. Add in the healthy paranoia that people have the capability of, and motive to totally screw you over, and I think you will see a lot of solo play in this game.

I personally feel as though the age of great team-up MMOs is long since gone, assuming it ever truly exist in the first place. I couldn’t say.

Obligatory in before the throngs of dudes reply saying that THEIR Corporation is the sole exception, and how they have never found anything but people who want to openly play and cooperate.

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Solo play is how every MMO is played.

Some solo players are risk averse and prefer to gather in gangs to bully others in the relative safety of their greater numbers. That’s just simple risk management.

Some braver souls play true solo.

CCP has decided that forced playing in groups is good for their bottom line, which is why they keep insisting on everyone heading to the zerg suburbs of null sec.

They even ensure that every player is quite literally, a corporate clone.

I really don’t like being a mindless zombie hordling, but I have no objection to other players choosing to live the zombie space life. There is plenty of room in space to live and let zombie.


One good way of starting is to go solo, explore the game until you meet a bunch of guys who do something you admire. If you hit off, it’s great to join their corp.

Learning from your own mistakes and then joining a good corp > just joining any corp.

The learning curve can be steep or flat, solo or not. If you start solo exploring into wormholes, lowsec, nullsec, you’ll be forced to learn quickly. Even if you still have low SP and generally low game experience, you’ll learn some things that other players might not learn after years in a large corporation - because they never had to. Such an approach will help you a lot when joining a corp later on, since you won’t wait passively for people to teach you things, you’ll continue to press for new lessons. This again will also make you much more valuable to any good corp, since activity breeds activity and it’s way more motivating to have someone around who asks “how do I do this/can this be done?” rather than “what should I do next?”

tl;dr solo play and group play are not mutually exclusive. having solo experience can help you be a better group player and vice versa.

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It has been demonstrated conclusively that you can yawn and rake-in ridiculously more ISK than you ever could as a solo player. So if you have billions as a solo player, you could have had trillions as a cog in the machine of a big nullsec cartel. The deck is stacked against you as a solo player. The game encourages you to be a cog in the machine of a nullsec cartel, and rewards that over anything else.

Thank you for giving me the evidence that it is really is envy that takes the best of you.


I think it’s more complicated than that. The game doesn’t set any longterm goals for you or anyone. There are many possible goals people can set for themselves in the game. I won’t even try to name them all.

Each individually set goal will have a bunch of benchmarks and milestones. ISK is always an issue, but how much you really need, depends on your goal.

Example 1: your goal is to be enjoy the game being an explorer who hunts for relic and data sites and occasionally does some PVP around these. You don’t need Trillions for that, not even hundred Billion. Once you reach 20 Bil, you’ll have enough to constantly replace ships for a very long time, even if your profit from running the sites should drop.

Example 2: your goal is to PVP in all types of ships, all types of scenarios, all areas of space. You’ll need lots and lots and lots of ISK for that. Not only will you have constant losses, but also you have costs to setup your characters and infrastructure. The question here is: how much are you willing to compromise?

Having more ISK certainly gives you more options, but getting these ISKs takes time and thereby limits your options at the same time. Personally I think beyond a certain point (depending on the playstyle) trying to get even more ISK blocks your own gameplay experience. It’s a perfect excuse to not do what you actually want to do.

The issue with Sov Null is not that organized groups can make a lot of dough, but the ability to offer that for many people in a tiny amount of space. If they had to spread out further, things would be far better.


Whether I’m painted green with envy, or whether I’m an emotionless Spock who’s just calling things as he logically and rationally sees them, I don’t think it matters much. What I said is either true, or it’s not true. I think the overwhelming majority of even null-seccers wouldn’t argue with it.


Solo since 2007, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Human interaction is tedious and slow. Most people read 600-1000++ WPM, and speak 110-150 WPM. The difference is lost time to a player who wants to learn at his/her own speed.
Social media addicts probably need to be in a corp though, as they require a lot of feedback to prop up their feelings of self-worth.
I have watched videos of fleet battles and give props to competent FCs, but the lead up to the conflict must be excruciatingly frustrating and inefficient given what I’ve seen from a lot of Eve players.
I do Eve as an escape, not to be entangled in a web of other personalities and all that it entails. Yeah, there is a learning curve, and I still learn some very expensive lessons to this day.
I once read that Mittani guy couldn’t hack it solo, and only flourished once he joined a corp. Sooooooo, solo play is not for everyone, but should not be considered inferior by any means.