Filled by myself ^_^

I have met some strange situation in Eve, not my fault, i dont know due to EULA can i explain it here or not, but CCP partially solved it

Well, i need 200mil or small control tower+2400 fuel blocks as loan for 2-3 days.
I have no collateral, all invested in my venture.

Ill give this a try, thanks


You are allowed to discuss anything as long as you are not directly quoting a CCP employee or posting a response directly from them.

So, whats the problem.

Well, i have my indy with pos+fuel stolen in WH with overall cost ±200mil.
I was sitting for a while, why my petition was submitted.

CCP solved problem(i was unable to anchor) but i have no free isk left, i have ratting ship, sub and so on, but i need POS+fuel+indy

Anyway still no direct exit from WH and i cant leave my current ship(it cost much), so im not in hurry

If you cant leave your ship, how are you going to buy anything off the market to move it to your WH?

you probably need to read all sentense. have nothing to discuss with you

I did.

If you can leave the WH, and youre just looking for an exit, then you should just farm the 200 million instead of asking for it here. Thats 2 hours worth of farming with incursions in hisec.

But shutting down a potential investor who is asking questions because he needs to know more about your predicament in order to ensure that this isnt a scam, is always a good idea.

Wait, no, its not a good idea.

Maybe next time, you can have more patience, and realize youre the one asking for help, not us.

If you are “lost” in the WH you can contact Signal Cartel, and we can help you find a way out.

So did you get your money then if you have 100m to pay someone for a corp?

I also find this very interesting that 9 days ago you supposedly bought this character:

And at the time it was listed it as 7.8m SP. Looking at your eveskillboard now you have 14m+ SP which means you injected 7m SP in the last 6 days?

So you could afford to inject 7m SP but not a measly 200mil for a POS?


Also assuming that Jeral Dovah is your alt, you offered up to 13b on the same day (9 days ago) CLOSED

So in theory if you bought Vomit for 6b, then you should have had at least 7b left over.

And EVEN more fun is you also made a 30b offer on a character with your supposed alt Jeral Dovah: WTS focused WH moros pilot

So why do you need a measly 200mil?


Corp already bought.

Probably you never invested all isk in ventures.
And 200mil aint even amount to talk about

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I miss the days of this sorta super sleuthing.

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I love it when people forget to take down their ESI auth after they buy a char and we can still see their current skills.

Yes. We are not as financially reckless as you that we would spend all our isk with none left for a mere 200 million isk venture.

Ill be happier with the 200 than without.

And equally happy if someone sent me 200 mill for no reason.

I have nothing to hide, never in Eve for 12 years(with breaks)

Scammers say the same thing. Trust must be earned in EVE.

Bro you can spam with your useless posts somewhere else. Tbh you are spamming on forum nonstop.

Ive played Eve when you was schoolboy, dont post in my topics please.

If you cant handle the criticism, dont post a public ask for a loan.

Your Alt is only 1 year older than mine.

And so long as your topics are public, I will post as I please.

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