I have a problem

Hello I have been playing EVE for few months I started in pochven corp. Some days ago I left my corp and wanted to try something different but I have a problem in my country omega is expensive and I can not afford it and without it EVE isn’t funny can somebody help me make some isk? please I want to keep playing EVE but without help it is hard.

We can give you pointers:
run missions, collect LP, bounties, loot, salvage. Sell what you can.
mine ore, sell it
set up a trade
do some exploration, get lucky, sell the good finds
become a mercenary, get paid for pewpew
if you feel bored, don’t post on these forums, try reddit
stay in your old corp, and steal their assets
go back to pochven and get rich running the sites
and of course ask for handouts in Jita local

and now, with the pile of isk you collected, you buy plex on the market, and plex your account to omega status


God i’m glad i work for a living.

Man sorry for not answering I left EVE for some time because of my problems in this game. I wanted to say thank you for wanting to help me. I don’t want your isk because it is inappropriate but again thanks mate.

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