[Poll] How much would people pay mercenaries for Upwell Structure removal in Highsec?

I’m thinking about starting a structure removal service, and I’d be backed by a somewhat large alliance. If you could respond, how much would you guys all pay for the removal of the following structures (in highsec, ofc)?


Me and some friends are bored and are looking to see if there is a market for this sort of thing. Any responses or questions would be appreciated.

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Depends on the owner of the structure and what kind of fight (if any) one can expect.

Anyone halfway competent can remove the structure of a random HS corp that won’t fight back. Those structure are just cluttering HighSec because nobody cares enough to shoot them. So I somewhat doubt you will be payed much for removing HighSec structures of one man corps. But you can do it just for the salt and giggles.

Now if you offer to remove structures and the owner is expected to fight back that would be an totally different story. Payment would be on a case to case basis depending on the owner and the fleets involved, not so much depending on the size of the structure. Numbers of pilots you bring x cost ships after insurance would be my baseline and I would multiply that by 1.2 to 2.0 depending on the timezone and parties involved. At least for T1 battleships this should work out. I guess you won’t get paid a Rattlesnake per pilot for structure bashing…

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For the little structures (Astra, Ath, Raitaru), I’d only offer 300m or so which clearly will not be worth your time, even if there is no defence.

You’ll get better offers for structures that have a market hub, because killing them offers a very real material benefit to competing hubs.

I would pay you 10B to remove one particular Fortizar in highsec, to be paid for killmail (can use 3rd party).

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I volunteer as a trusted third party for this transaction. (This is the point I’d usually tag Mo to confirm me but that ugly mug biomassed :cry::cry::cry::cry:


I’d vouch if it meant anything, but it don’t so there ya go.

I have seen people pay as little as 150 and over 15b. Depends on how bad someone wants it removed really

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You could ask Space Operations and Tactics Inc. [S0TAC] what they are being paid to remove POCOs.

The Marmite Collective [https://zkillboard.com/alliance/1680888152/kills/] appears to be doing the same to Omega And Friends Medialabs [0MI] https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98369956/ who I suppose hired Space Operations and Tactics Inc. in the first place.

There might be a conflict of interest that might preclude your getting a reply though. So if you ask the various groups attacking the Omega And Friends Medialabs POCOs you may have a better chance of getting an answer.

You might also try talking to Vendetta Mercenary Group https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99002974/ but I hear they might be distracted with internal & external issues right now.

No doubt someone more informed will offer better suggestions.

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Look at it this way.
Everything has costs associated.
Two weeks of war,
this is variable based on the size of the target.

Ammunition spent,
Also variable but you should be able to figure an average after a handful.

this is where you find the issue…
My experience tells me that you want 5-6 high dps battleships to do it in a reasonable time, with 3 logi in case it bites you.
This is expensive.

That said I’ve done it with two Vindis and two logi v guardian’s, myself and a mate dual boxing which is I’m sure much more appealing.

Assuming you and your mate both have an alt that can guardian then your labour cost is fairly low, basically however much it’ll take to get a mate to help.
You will run into the hidden cost of “that timers a pain in the arse” and your mates will be 100% right to ask for more isk do help out.

Then see if that’s under what people are willing to pay for the service.
If it is then good for you but you might find that’s the reason these things are fecking everywhere.

Edit: also, have you a plan for what happens when the tent you’re kicking over happens to belong to someone scary?

You need Mercenary Coalition https://evewho.com/alli/Mercenary+Coalition

Putting the isk into and alt and skilling it for this purpose is far more economical…

Only if he wants someone to cloaky camp the structure, which is not a very effective thing in HighSec. For actual removal he’d better contact a qualified party.

I think part if the problem is that a structure is not really limited to a set amount in each system. Apart from moons in .5 sec, there is no competition for structure locations. This differs from POSes which were limited by the number of moons in a system.

So unless you feel a structure is directly competing with yours, why waste tons of iskon a removal? I think you would have more luck going the protection racket/extortion method. Pick a smaller corp with a few structures. Threaten them with structure destruction, and if they don’t pay, kill their structures.

You wound me Sir. We care enough that we have an entire Alliance dedicated to removing them as a service to the rest of New Eden. OP should contact our diplos if his venture gets off the ground. Meanwhile, we’ll simply keep floating from region-to-region knocking down about 1 per day.

Bring on the Wrecking Machine.

I don’t think Tora is very interested in bashing. Otherwise we would have likely jumped back in with his lads.

That is not how MC do business, trust me

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